Administrative Assistant - 12 MONTH CONTRACT

Aug 11, 2023
Orlando, United States
... Not specified
... Intermediate
... Office work


We are a global team of creators, storytellers, technologists, experience originators, innovators and so much more. We believe amazing games and experiences start with teams as diverse as the players and communities we serve. At Electronic Arts, the only limit is your imagination.

Electronic Arts Inc. is a leading global interactive entertainment software company. EA delivers games, content and online services for Internet-connected consoles, personal computers, mobile phones and tablets.

Working under the guidance of the Team’s EA, perform various duties and clerical support. Work intuitively with leads/managers to support the teams, meet goals and objectives while building a culture of “thank you.”   

Key Responsibility: Support all game franchise development teams by being responsible for the following  

  • Team Meals 
    • Creating and disbursement of UberEATS meal vouchers for team meetings, events, and OT/Alpha 
    • Follow up as needed.  
  • Team Swag
    • Work with game team managers on coordinating swag and working with approved vendors as well as POC for each EA location that has (Madden, PGA, etc.) team members 
    • Creating and sending out surveys to the team  
    • Coordinating the logistics and ensuring the appropriate documentation/information is collected
  • Event Management
    • Understanding the requirements for the team events while adhering to EA’s policy 
    • Research and select venues or virtual vendors for team events 
    • Coordinating & Planning of team events while being attentive to the time constraints and budget 
    • Negotiate with vendors to achieve the most favorable inclusive merchandise 
    • Follow up as needed 
    • Working closely with onsite café in coordinating onsite events
  • Scheduling and coordinating team meetings
    • Coordinate and schedule team meetings 
    • Proposing alternative times and or resolve team meeting conflicts  
    • Anticipating the team's needs
  • Communication 
    • Assist with communicating to the team and follow up on action items 
  • Team Credits
    • Assist in updating the team credits in the spreadsheet by allotted time  
  • Team plaques 
    • Handle team plaque coordination with multiple vendors on printing 
    • Coordinate with franchise art manager for updated team logos 
    • Work with POC/vendors in other regions to order plaques for their designated countries employees on specified teams
  • Purchase supplies
    • Responsible for ordering supplies for Dev teams 
    • Purchase approved IT equipment for all the Dev teams
  • Submitting purchase orders in iProc
    • Responsible for submitting req through Oracle as needed 
    • Responsible for receiving completed invoice in a timely manner
  • PCARD reconciliation
    • Assist with reconciliation of purchases/transactions in Amex CARTOOL 
    • Submit reporting to payroll as needed. E.g., Gifts, condolence arrangements, etc.
  • Catering
    • Assist terms (such as Art) with Contract & Terms Sheets
  • Contract / Terms Sheets

  • Assist terms (such as Art) with Contract & Terms Sheets
  • Travel 
    • Arrange travel for Madden MOCAP 
    • Assist team with travel needs as needed. e.g. Using PCARD to secure hotels and/or assist with travel if booking using EA’s BTA card 

Additional Responsibilities 

  • General
    • Knows POCs for and builds relationships with major IT presences in North America and Europe to facilitate employee needs. (Locations include Orlando, Austin, Vancouver, EARS, Montreal, Toronto, Madrid, Stockholm, etc.) 
    • Able to direct content creator requests for software and hardware as needed, coordinating with Art/TA DDs and Sr. TADs / Art Ops / Tech Ops for approvals/funding. 
  • Software
    • Partners with Sr. TADs and Sports Tech Art Leadership to know all authorized content creator software (legally cleared, purchased, licensed) and comparable software alternatives (recommends approved software that completes the same objectives versus approving all software requests) based on content creator needs. 
    • Secures budget owner approval for software that will undergo legal approval.  
    • Processes and tracks all content creator software licensing requests; understands which software has already been legally approved and for which teams. When agreements do not exist, works with EA Legal contact to obtain legal approval for software licensing. 
    • Purchases and tracks all content creator software licensing agreements following legal approval. Facilitates any contracts, keeps an organized record of all agreements that is accessible by TA (Tech Art) and Art senior leadership in a central location. Also tracks information such as how to access the software, number of seats, expiration date (if license is not perpetual) and date by which to renew, and tracking list of individuals assigned to seats (if applicable). 
  • Hardware
    • Partners with Sr. TADs and Sports Tech Art Leadership to know all common artist hardware and keep up to date on best practices. Keeps track of hardware updates that will be of benefit to content creation and rolls them out as part of NUSU or team-wide refreshments. 
    • Works with Sr. TADs and IT to ensure that Tier 1 PC spec stays up to date to meet content creation needs. 
    • Facilitates all content creator hardware requests, securing budget owner approval where appropriate and coordinating with IT on quotes, approvals, procurement, and payment. 
    • Purchases and sends hardware needed by any remote employees (for items that IT cannot provide and are approved for purchase).  
    • Provides support for the auditing of and purchasing of hardware when required  
    • Partners with Sr. TADs to audit and ensure that all content creator workstations/hardware are/is regularly refreshed (⅓ of inventory) every year in partnership with IT.  
    • Includes special hardware upgrades such as full workstation refreshes, content creation peripherals (Cintiq orders, Wacom Tablets), Webcams, Headsets, Monitor refresh  
    • Recoups equipment when content creator employees exit the company. 
  • Onboarding 
    • NUSU coordination and standardization of Technical Art hires. Fills out NUSU and knows which standard distribution lists and hardware needs are required based on the hire. Files domain change requests if new hire is not in Orlando. 
    • Drives workstation readiness by new hire’s start date in coordination with IT; provides login information one business day prior to employee arrival.  
    • Partners with IT to ship equipment for setup/special equipment requests and ordering; coordinates PC encryption for offsite content creator employees. 
    • Works with Sr. TADs and Hiring Manager to prepare onboarding documentation and keep it up to date. 
    • Manages all distribution lists for Tiburon Technical Art. 
    • Updating main team TFT/RFT distribution lists (ongoing)  
    • Add/remove team members as new hires join, and team members exit 
    • Coordinate audits of DLs  
    • Coordinate new DL requests as necessary 
  • Floor Plan 
    • Manages floor plan for Tiburon Technical Art (Orlando). 
    • Own floor plan updates for our team, coordinate audits and ensure FMI systems are up to date 
    • Determine cube assignment for new hires and coordinate with managers 
    • Support team moves and adjustments as required 
  • Event Planning and Coordination 
    • Partners with budget owner(s) to coordinate team events such as team lunches, in-person (Orlando/Austin) and virtual events, catering, swag, etc. 
    • Investigating activities and vendor options 
    • Performs pre-planning to event execution and invoicing, timelines and budget management, volunteer management, catering, IT requirements and support 
    • Purchase, reconciliation, and payroll reporting of team lunch catering and meeting celebrations (typically team lunches, afternoon welcome or goodbye gatherings)  
    • Event planning and coordination, special invites and messaging as needed 
    • Manages team event coordination for Sports contingent in Austin (launches, team lunches, etc.). Knows studio and local resources and event spaces. 
    • Active culture builder; looks for opportunities to heighten engagement and community of Sports in the studio. 
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