AI Programmer Intern - IRON MAN

Feb 12, 2023
Montréal, Canada
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Full time
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"Motive" is the driving force within us that takes us from an idea to reality. Our studio provides a safe, trusting, and empowering environment for our game teams to unleash their creativity across massive brands. But we're not talking about the expected, the conventional, the cliché. We want none of that. Here, you will play a significant role in making the extraordinary. You'll also help shape our culture. Here, everyone has a voice, everyone can be themselves, everyone is welcome.

Video Game programming is challenging work. Our software developers are faced with daily challenges that involve physics (from collision detection to complex physical reactions), advanced rendering techniques (from complex 3D math to hardware shading), artificial intelligence (from pathfinding to scripting), optimizations (from complex algorithms to hardware specific changes) and more. We need your help to come up with creative solutions.


We are seeking a Software Developer who will be working in a cross-discipline AI team which can include the following responsibilities.

  • You will work with designers to develop and debug behaviors for the various types of AI in the game
  • You will help enhance core AI tech such as pathfinding and sensing
  • You will help improve the tools used by designers and provide additional diagnostics support.


  • Candidate for a Bachelor's degree in a related field
  • C++ is a must have.
  • C# is desired but not critical.
  • Python is advantageous but not critical
  • Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices
  • Ability to adapt to quickly changing project requirements and continuous feedback
  • The best candidates will have completed personal game or domain expertise projects independent of school
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