Artiste Technique de rendu / Rendering Technical Artist - IRON MAN

Jun 30, 2023
Montréal, Canada
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... Intermediate
Full time
... Office work

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Our Motive is to create innovative action games within iconic worlds where every player feels like the hero. Let's say that again—iconic worlds, where every player feels like the hero.

Our passion has taken us from imagining dogfighter pilots in Star Wars™: Squadrons, to re-creating Isaac Clarke onboard the Ishimura in Dead Space™, and now to building an original Iron Man action-adventure video game.

We believe in sharing our passion with our community, and with each other by having transparent discussions, by practicing an inclusive culture, and by nurturing a continuous growth mindset. Our approach feels simple, but it leads to the best work of our careers, and as a team, building unique and immersive experiences.

Motive is looking for a technical artist to help oversee the rendering related aspects of an open world action adventure AAA title.  This position requires high-level artistic sensibilities and strong technical skills; the ability to work with the art and rendering teams to drive the development of new engine features and to guide the content creation to maximize what is available. The candidate must be
passionate about making great games, be a strong problem-solver and an effective communicator.


  • Work closely with the Art Director and Art team to help define the artistic
    vision for the game and with the technical teams to help define the technical
    constraints to achieving this vision.
  • Help define the project’s core rendering features and quality settings.
  • Maintain and build upon the project’s shader library.
  • Setup, document and manage the project’s pipelines for shader and texture
  • Guide and tutor art staff on project best practices.
  • Participate in art reviews, with an eye towards identifying technical
    divergences or opportunities.
  • Act as a subject matter liaison within the wider EA development community.
  • Troubleshoot technical issues with the Art team.


  • Understanding of modern rendering techniques.
  • Capable of creating complex shaders, either via a graph editor or HLSL/GLSL.
  • Proficient in the use of modern Digital Content Creation applications
    (Substance, Photoshop, Maya, Blender)
  • Experience producing art content for AAA games.
  • Ability to script/program in Python, C# or C++ is an asset.
  • Solutions-oriented approach to runtime performance and artistic needs.
  • Strong teamwork skills but also the ability to take ownership and work
  • Passion for making games look and play great.


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