Artiste Technique Principale / Lead Technical Artist

Sep 02, 2023
Montréal, Canada
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Full time
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SEED is an innovation and applied research group at Electronic Arts. Our work combines creativity with state-of-the-art technologies.

Our bedrock is never-ending curiosity. We explore, research, and partner with game teams and central technology groups to innovate on their boldest game development challenges and deliver technology artifacts of our work along the way. We collaborate with industry partners and present and publish our work at major conferences. Such work includes bringing digital humans to life, using machine learning for game AI and new experiences, and developing novel real-time graphics and physics techniques.

We are looking for a Lead Technical Artist - someone with a wide gamut of experience at the intersection of art and technology - to contribute their unique expertise across SEED's projects while collaborating with both researchers and game developers to deliver world-class experiences for our players.

You excel at implementing novel solutions to complex art challenges and know how to strike a balance between quality and performance. You have an extensive understanding of content pipelines and its impact on art, from source asset creation to final pixel rendering. You know the relevant research areas in real-time graphics and how things must evolve to create fantastic game worlds and visually convincing experiences. This position is onsite from our office at EA in Montréal, Québec, Canada. You will report to the rendering team lead.

As a Lead Technical Artist at SEED, you will:

  • Explore new frontiers and push beyond the current state of real-time visuals and content creation pipelines, for next-generation visuals and experiences. 
  • Work with other developers to design novel technology that leads to excellent visuals that bring game worlds to life, including developing new approaches to enable art for game worlds at scale, quality, and ease.
  • Bring new ideas, discuss, and implement solutions to some of the most complex video game content creation challenges to create differentiation for EA.
  • Collaborate with other developers at SEED on projects where your expertise will improve the quality of the work. 
  • Participate in team efforts to create demos that showcase our work in its best light.
  • Collaborate with game teams and central technology groups to understand their requirements better and bring expertise in overlapping areas.
  • Share your work through publications, open-sourcing, and speaking at conferences.

As a diverse team with strong goals, we provide autonomy and true influence to each member of SEED. We are looking for an open and curious person; someone who gets a kick out of taking new ideas, investigating them, and adapting their application to games. We expect you to have a desire to innovate in new areas of game development. Someone who is passionate, creative, communicative, and invested.


  • Extensive (10+ years of) game development experience, with shipped AAA games on PC or consoles, including experience with big game engines.
  • Deep, end-to-end understanding of content creation pipelines for AAA games.
  • A strong sensibility for aesthetics and visual quality.
  • Extensive experience with DCC tools (Maya, 3DStudioMax, Photoshop, Z-Brush, etc.)
  • Experience researching and developing techniques for a variety of target platforms.
  • Knowledge of high-level programming and scripting languages.
  • Knowledge of PC and console hardware, including performance constraints, performance analysis, and content optimization.

If you want to be part of—and work with—some of the most incredible people in the field, then SEED is your team!

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