Associate Quality Designer

Nov 22, 2022
Hyderabad, Pakistan
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... Intermediate
Full time
... Office work

Role: Associate Quality Designer

Role Overview

The DTS Quality Verification Organization is the global partner of choice for all EA game development teams. Through strategic planning and a thorough analysis of the game product, we’re committed to providing world-class testing and audit services in support of the high quality of products our customers have come to expect.

As a Associate Quality Designer, you’ll be working hand-in-hand with Quality Verification teams locally as well as at other locations, to test and analyze the game product. You’ll define and execute on the test strategy for the QA group and will champion quality for the product. Your daily challenge will be to focus on defect prevention – that is, upstream testing and analysis to thwart the introduction of bugs into the game code – designing test strategies, capturing qualitative assessments and usability feedback, and ensuring the highest caliber of quality for our titles.

Key Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide expert testing for game features and development tools.
  • Provide in-depth team support, working closely with members of Production and Development to align daily priorities.
  • Utilize data and research into reporting and building test strategy.
  • Fully own assigned game area from a QA perspective supporting the group from pre-production through launch.
  • Develop in-depth understanding of the systems under their ownership and communicate progress, status and risks. Requires a deep understanding of system architecture and implementation.
  • Create task breakdown and estimates during the early planning stage of development for owned domain.
  • Analyze features sets and identify opportunities for automation along with benefits and communicate to engineers.
  • Be the voice of quality for the product by providing design feedback prior to integration from a technical and end-user perspective.
  • Propose and define long-term strategic collaboration structures which impact and/or influence multiple areas of the business.
  • Create and drive team process changes and improvements backed by data-driven decisions.
  • Rally support from both the QA and development teams for process improvements.
  • Help to build and understand metrics to show how changes impact testing and projects overall.
  • Identify risks and dependencies, develop plans to mitigate and reduce such risks, and actively execute on these plans.
  • Qualitative feedback on features with issues of usability and generally, be the voice of quality for the product.

Skills, Knowledge and Experience Required:

  • 5+ years previous QA experience.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills that span varying game development disciplines.
  • Passion to learn new technologies and systems with high degree of ownership.
  • Ability to meet responsibilities without constant supervision.
  • Must be able to develop and foster strong working relationships with development teams and integrate a development QA support strategy into the development process.
  • Must be proactive, flexible, and able to adapt QA process to the critical needs of the development team.
  • Ability to mitigate risks and potential areas of concern with appropriate sense of urgency.
  • Understands concepts of defect prevention and defect containment.
  • Comfort working on products in early stages of development.
  • Proficiency with PC and current Windows operating systems or Mac OS.

Bonus points for:

  • Experience in gaming industry
  • Experience with DevSuite or similar defect tracking and task management databases.
  • Knowledge of basic programming concepts.
  • Experience working in an Agile team environment.
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