Cinematics Director

May 12, 2022
Montréal, Canada
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

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"Motive" is the driving force within us that takes us from an idea to reality. Our studio provides a safe, trusting, and empowering environment for our game teams to unleash their creativity across massive brands. But we're not talking about the expected, the conventional, the cliché. We want none of that. Here, you will play a significant role in making the extraordinary. You'll also help shape our culture. Here, everyone has a voice, everyone can be themselves, everyone is welcome.

What the Cinematic Director does at Motive:

As an essential creative leader, you will oversee both interactive and non-interactive cinematic sequences and work towards a smooth player experience. The Cinematic Director will oversee cinematics, in-level ambient and narrative events, ensuring content flows together into a cohesive player experience. You will report to the Narrative Producer and build a cinematic team focused on achieving a high standard of animation, camera, and editing quality across all main story and gameplay focused cinematics. The Cinematic Director will also partner with the other Directors and the Narrative Producer to ensure direction, tone, and style are consistent and meet the qualitative and creative goals.

Responsibilities :

  • Establish the cinematic vision, considering cameras, transitions, animation and pacing, communicating that vision horizontally and vertically.
  • Help establish and drive the pipelines, processes and methods necessary to take a cinematic from script through to final.
  • Align and unify feedback from stakeholders and translate that into actionable plans by holding regular reviews, and provide clear, meaningful feedback to members of the cinematic team.
  • Understand both the game narrative and gameplay design to assess how different features could affect or support the experience.
  • Work with the team to previz key scenes for gameplay, conversations and cinematics. Work with design, art, narrative, and tech partners to understand implementation requirements.
  • Work with the team to create gold standard content to determine benchmark processes, tools and techniques. These example assets will also serve as guides for new animators and outsource partners.
  • Responsible for the generation of quality cinematic content across all disciplines including: storyboarding, animatic, previz, blocking, animation, editing, cinematography, lighting and VFX.
  • Prep for performance capture shoots with the narrative team.
  • Work closely with the performance capture director to establish blocking and staging.
  • Manage senior members of the cinematic team and provide mentorship and feedback to the larger team.

Qualifications :

  • 8+ years of cinematic experience on at least one AAA title. Single player and open world experience is a plus.
  • Experience with previsualization, cinematography and cinematic animation.
  • Have a deep passion for interactive narrative, visual storytelling, and game design.
  • Ability to pitch your ideas in large or small groups.
  • Have a broad creative toolkit that allows you to problem solve, try out ideas and improve sequences quickly.




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