DevOps Engineer

Sep 23, 2023
Köln, Germany
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... Intermediate
Full time
... Office work

Remote Options across EU time zone

Welcome to Maxis, home to tinkerers, craftspeople, & storytellers. Our drive is to inspire everyone to make a better world through creative play. As the developer of The Sims, we create games and experiences for millions of people around the world and are always looking for new ways to inspire our players. Maxis is a place where you can do what you love and help others grow while doing it; a place where your unique voice can be heard and seen. We put creativity and inclusivity at the core of our work and don't settle for seeing the world only as it is, but strive to build a world as it could be.

In this role you will be part of the reimagining of The Sims that players know and love. The Sims is one of the top selling PC game franchises of all time and The Sims 4 is by far our most successful Sims game. We have more than 70 million registered players of the base game. To date, The Sims 4 has shipped over 60 content packs and countless base game feature and quality of life updates. The Sims 4 continues to transcend being “just a game” and continues to be a positive force in people’s lives while occupying a unique creative space in the game industry. We're excited you're interested to learn more about how you can join our team and dream big. For more information about The Sims, follow @TheSims on Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, like The Sims on Facebook, visit newsroom and tune into Behind The Sims on YouTube for the latest news and updates.


We are looking for a Development Operations Engineer to join the 100% remote within the Maxis EU team. You will help maintain the distributed development workflows, infrastructure and tools for the Sims 4 title. You will ensure the systems are running smoothly for all remotely working developers, gather requirements, provide feedback, extend automation and tools in collaboration with Maxis Central Team in North America. 

This role is for a versatile engineer, efficient communicator and problem solver, capable of investigating complex distributed processes autonomously and learning from the investigation, not limited specifically to any programming language. 


  • Monitor the efficiency and stability of Sims 4 workflows and pipelines in the EU.
  • Dive into discovered problems and implement solutions inside existing infrastructure and tools.  
  • Maintain and extend the sync and monitoring tools to ensure stability and efficiency of the team's daily operations.  
  • Communicate discovered problems to the Central Teams along with the investigation results and ideas, discuss possible options and plans. 
  • Monitor the progress on discovered problems, update with relevant data, ping and escalate as required.  


Please note that you do not need to qualify for all qualifications to be considered. We encourage you to apply if you can meet most of the requirements and are comfortable opening a dialog to be considered.

  • Ability to learn the legacy systems by reading the code and debugging.
  • 4+ years of software development experience in a similar position.
  • Basic knowledge in Python, C# and C++. 
  • Experience with version control systems (Git, Perforce, SVN).
  • Experience with automated CI/CD pipelines.
  • Experience in supporting and improving the automated workflows.
  • Ability to collaborate with remote teams efficiently across time zones. 


  • Experience with game content build pipelines and authoring tools. 
  • Experience with Jenkins.
  • Experience with large-scale, high-availability, high-throughput automation systems.
  • Experience with Azure and/or AWS cloud infrastructure.
  • Experience with Docker, Kubernetes.
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