Environment Artist

Aug 04, 2023
Sherbrooke, Canada
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

As a Level Artist, you'll create captivating 3D environments within an immersive world waiting to be explored. You will be an environment architect, a visual storyteller, and an experience maker wrapped into one.

Be it in a level, side mission, or piece of an open-world map, you’ll assemble and position key elements to deliver impactful visual moments and enhance the player experience. Every asset you’ll carefully place, from a building to a prop, will tell a story and evoke an atmosphere and a mood.

Even within a given framework, you’ll push creative boundaries – and you have the artistic ability to do it. You’ll know how to modify lighting, play around with composition, and add just the right amount of detail to develop a game space with plenty of personality.

· Collaborate with level designers and the art director to discuss and understand game intentions and vision.

· Perform artistic research (find written descriptions and visual references).

· Set up placeholders and submit modelling and texturing requests to artists.

· Find balance between artistic aspects and technical constraints.

· Integrate and build assets into the game engine to set and dress a polished scene.

· Ensure integrated work is aligned with artistic direction and makes sense gameplay wise (test and improve).

· A college diploma in 3D Modelling or equivalent

· Around 2-4 years of experience in modelling, texturing, lighting, and image processing, or other relevant experience

· Knowledge of 3D software (e.g. 3DS Max or Maya) and optimization techniques

· Understanding of art fundamentals: lighting, composition, colour theory, etc.

· Strong communication and interpersonal skills

· Curiosity, flexibility, and resourcefulness

· Creativity and a keen eye for detail