Game Tester

Jun 30, 2023
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

What you will do: 

·         Contribute to the writing, updating, improvement and execution of function test cases 

·         Direct support to product team/customer support team on bug isolating/reproduction/verification 

·         Keep solid track of the project and development timelines  

·         Ensure the tracking, follow-up, re-testing and regression of bugs 

·         Prioritize tasks and collaborate with teammates to complete these tasks. 

·         Create and manage reports based on the tests performed, as well as maintain test documents 


·         对产品需求进行分析,测评,体验规避风险和问题,设计测试点,测试用例

·         持续更新、改进和执行功能测试用例

·         直接支持产品团队/客户支持团队进行缺陷隔离/复制/验证

·         严格跟踪项目和开发时间表 

·         确保缺陷的跟踪、跟踪、重新测试和回归

·         管理团队,确定任务优先级,确保团队高质量完成任务

·         根据执行的测试创建和管理报告,并维护测试文档

·         Love game industry, equipped with at game testing experience would be a plus

·         Inquisitive nature with a good ability to investigate and analyses problems 

·         Awareness of game development cycle and key milestones 

·         Experience of bug reporting skills and awareness of the workflow of a bug 

·         Strong interpersonal skills and teamwork oriented   

·         Good communication in both English and Chinese 

·         Good MS Office background 


·         热爱游戏行业,具备游戏测试经验尤佳

·         好奇心强,具有良好的调查和分析问题的能力

·         有较强的主动性,善于发现和解决问题

·         有较强的逻辑能力与归纳总结能力,责任心强

·         了解游戏开发周期和关键里程碑

·         有缺陷报告技能的经验,并了解缺陷的工作流程

·         较强的人际交往能力和团队合作意识 

·         良好的中英文沟通能力

·         熟悉微软Office软件使用


Bonus points

·         Experiences of working on multi-platforms like PC, consoles (Xbox, PS4)    

·         Expertise in network technologies and debugging tools 

·         Knowledge of Linux (Ubuntu) is a plus 

·         Basic knowledge and interest in test automation 

·         Manage a team working on game testing 


·         具有在PC、主机(Xbox、PS4)等多平台上的工作经验   

·         具有网络技术和调试工具方面的专业知识

·         了解 Linux(Ubuntu)

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