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Aug 01, 2023
Chengdu, China
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We are looking for an Intern Animator with qualified animation skills to create animation for our game projects. As an animation intern, you can start moving your career forward in this field. In this type of job, some of your duties might include coming up with animation design, creating simple or complex animations, along with providing support to senior animators or an animation team.

What you will do:
· Create key-frame animations and characters in line with the artistic direction of the project.
· Design, create, and test character rigs.
· Test animation tools and pipeline,
· Interact and collaborate with internal animation teams, and provide support.
· Propose ideas and be proactive communicate with the team in problem identification




· 根据项目的美术方向,制作高质量的关键帧动画和角色。
· 设计、创建和测试角色绑定。
· 测试动画工具和流程。
· 与动画团队其他成员互动协作,根据生产计划完成任务。
· 创新性地提出想法,积极主动地发现问题。

· You should be a current university student and available to work for at least 6 months (5 working days a week, can request leave if necessary)
· Solid animation basic skill.
· Solid understanding of key frame animation (2D and 3D).
· Proficient with standard industry tools like 3ds Max or Maya.
· Be able to be creative and proactive with the ability of adapting to different game styles (cartoon or realistic).
· Commitment to projects/tasks
· A good team player with cross-group communication skills.
· Good learning ability, looking for improvements consistently.
· A gamer with the passion and confidence of creating top-quality games.

Bonus points:
· Working knowledge of Max Script, Python, Rigging experience are Pl


· 目前是在校学生,能进行至少6个月实习工作,每周5个工作日(偶尔有返校任务可请假)
· 扎实的动画基础技能。
· 对关键帧动画(2D和3D)的扎实理解。
· 熟练使用标准行业工具3ds Max或Maya
· 具有创造性和主动性,能够适应不同的游戏风格(卡通或现实)。
· 良好的团队合作精神,具有较强的团队沟通能力。
· 热爱游戏,对创造出高质量的游戏充满激情

· 有Max脚本、Python和绑定经验者优先

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