Intern Tools Programmer

Sep 16, 2022
Chengdu, China
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Full time
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The Intern Tools Programmer will develop and maintain tool under the guide of Lead Programmer. This includes feature implementation, bug fix. One side to develop tools for game engine, on the other hand to implement automation pipelines and external tools or products. Ultimately working towards improving the efficiency of the production teams.

What you will do

-       Finish the tasks under the guide of lead programmer.

-       Communicate the progress of your work to your peers, customers, and leads.

-       Able to improve whenever there is feedback from users.

-       Learn new technologies to meet project needs.

-       Correct defects discovered by QC or your customers in a timely fashion.





-       在主程序的指导下完成任务.

-       向同事、客户和团队组长沟通工作进度,及时反馈.

-       当收到用户反馈时,能够优化和提升.

-       快速学习新技术以满足项目需求.

-       及时纠正来自QC或其他使用者发现的程序问题.

-       Familiar with C# programming language. C++ or other as Plus.

-       Familiar with at least one major source control (ie. Git, Perforce,  SVN)

-       Has desktop application developing experience like Winform, WPF is a plus

-       Knowledge of database development, MS-SQL, MySQL and Database scripting experience.

-       Familiar with web programming technologies, such as HTML, CSS, ASP.NET bootstrap, angular.js, node.js.

-       Understand software engineering practices and object-oriented programming.

-       Proactive, willing to learn new technology, good at finding and solving problems

-       Passion for creating and playing games, no matter what platform or genre.

-       Good interpersonal and communication skills in English

Bonus Point

-       Experience on Game Engine development is a plus, such as Unreal or Unity



-      掌握C#编程语言. 有C++或者其他编程语言经验更好.

-      了解一种代码管理工具(如,Git, Perforce, SVN等)

-      有桌面应用开发经验,如Winform,WPF尤佳

-      了解MS-SQL, MySQL等数据库.

-      了解web编程技术,比如HTML,CSS,ASP.NET, bootstrap.js, angular.js, node.js.

-       掌握软件工程及面向对象编程理念

-       积极主动,乐于学习新技术,善于发现和解决问题

-       热爱创造和玩游戏, 无论是什么平台或类型.

-       良好的沟通和英语听写能力


-       有游戏引擎开发方面经验为加分项,如Unreal或Unity

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