Lead Character Artist

Jan 14, 2023
Manchester, United Kingdom
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Lead Character Artist

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Objectives & Responsibilities

  • Work with Studio Art Director to manage, maintain, and support the visual style that is established for the project
  • Support and work with the Studio Art Lead to manage the overall look of the game.
  • Ensure all content achieves high standards. Take lead in producing high quality artwork, creative and technical standards and determining the best tools and techniques to use
  • Supervise the team’s throughput from a creative and technical point of view. Ensure that the work gets done according to budget and schedule, alongside the game’s production team, anticipating problems and planning for any contingencies
  • Gameplay is king. Ensure that the artwork supports gameplay while always working towards the highest achievable visual quality
  • Work closely with the programming team to make sure that all art and animation assets produced are imported into the game engine smoothly
  • Undertake and supervise the production of material which illustrates the visual atmosphere and graphical design for the game
  • Assist the Studio Art Lead to conduct research and test out different modelling, texturing, animation, rendering and lighting techniques and tools appropriate to the games technology
  • Assist the Studio Art Lead to manage vendors and overseeing outsourced art production.


  • Minimum 8 years of experience in Senior 3D Artist and Lead Artist role in games industry.
  • Great technical skill, master art design tools and software including Maya, 3D Max, Z-brush, Photoshop, etc
  • Experience and professional skill in special effect, animation and rendering is a plus
  • Understand all the roles within the art department and also of any outsourced contractors
  • Have good understanding of the technology used in game design and development, its capabilities and limitations
  • Passionate about games and have well understanding of what makes a game visually appealing and fun to play
  • Is able to build good working relationships with other departments
  • Have excellent communication skills, including tact and diplomacy.


  • Wide-ranging knowledge of the games industry, genres, and markets
  • Extensive experience with 3D art, authoring packages and best practices
  • Solid communication and problem solving abilities.
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