Lead Programmer

Mar 28, 2024
Shanghai, China
... Not specified
... Intermediate
Full time
... Office work

About the Role

- 作为游戏本地化技术带头人,你将在国外领袖工作室支持下,完成海外游戏在国内运营所需的全部技术工作。

- As a Tech Leader, you will work closely with the leader studio to handle all the technical aspects required for operating a foreign game in the domestic market.


What you will do


- 带领团队对游戏进行合规性修改;

- 带领团队对游戏进行一定的本地化修改;

- 带领团队将游戏依赖的服务进行本地部署、调整、甚至替换;

- 带领团队接入国内运营方的API、运营工具、防沉迷和反作弊等功能;

- 带领团队对未来的国内游戏的运营提供所需的技术支持.

Your responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

- Leading the team in making compliance modifications to the game.

- Guiding the team in performing localization adjustments to the game.

- Overseeing the local deployment, adjustments, and even replacement of services that the game relies on.

- Leading the team to integrate API, operational tools, anti-addiction measures, and anti-cheat features from domestic operators.

- Providing the necessary technical support for future domestic game operations.

What you will bring


- 参加过完整网络游戏的开发,具有客户端和服务器的开发经验;

- 熟练使用C/C++/Golang开发语言;

- 熟悉主要网络协议,如: TCP, UDP, HTTP/HTTPS; 熟悉Restful API规范;

- 拥有微服务开发经验,熟悉Docker;

- 优秀的沟通能力,英语口语和书面流利;

- 拥有团队管理经验.

- Experience in online game development(both client-side and server-side).

- Proficiency in C/C++/Golang programming languages.

- Familiarity with major network protocols such as TCP, UDP, and HTTP/HTTPS, as well as knowledge of Restful API specifications.

- Experience with microservices development and familiarity with Docker.

- Excellent communication skills with fluency in spoken and written English.

- Team management experience.


Nice to Have:

- 熟悉主流游戏引擎,拥有Console游戏开发经验;

- 接入客户端游戏到腾讯平台经验;

- 喜爱3D FPS游戏.

- Familiarity with popular game engines and experience in console game development.

- Experience in integrating client games with Tencent platforms.

- A passion for 3D FPS games.

Ubisoft CSR commitment

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