Lead Technical Artist

Sep 16, 2022
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Intermediate
Full time
... Office work

As a Lead Technical Artist at Ubisoft Chengdu, you will mentor, supervise, and motivate a team of Technical Artists that are creating some of the most advanced content seen in video games. Once onboarded you will drive Tech Art decisions for the project and set our in-house standards. You will collaborate with other Leads, Producers, studios, and multidisciplinary developers across our AAA production to help deliver features in line with our art direction, and considering the performance optimization across platforms, and with the use of industry-leading tools like our Anvil game engine.

What you will do: 

  • Plan, prioritize and set inspiring objectives for your team members all year long.
  • Provide team members with ongoing and meaningful feedback on performance and development -- ensuring positive acknowledgment of all achievements, both big and small.
  • Communicate with impact and promote an open dialogue within the team. 
  • Empower team members with clear expectations and hold them accountable for their key results. 
  • Collaborate with team leads to identify and develop art production processes and technologies that meet artists’ needs for creating high-quality art with limited resources. 
  • Maintain a balance between the creative vision of the projects and the technical budget restraints. 
  • Be aware of potential risks to the project and bring them to the attention of management. 
  • Be a reference for the team in relation to technical art and find solutions to complex issues that arise. 
  • Optimize content for memory and performance gains. 
  • Participate in the development of technology road maps for the specific needs of the project. 
  • Be involved in the development and rendering of artwork, models, animations, and textures as and when required. 
  • Stay up to date on trends and methodologies in graphics software and hardware to develop early planning of tools and processes. 



  • 全年为您的团队成员规划、优先安排并设定鼓舞人心的目标。
  • 为团队成员提供关于绩效和发展的持续且有意义的反馈——确保对所有成就的积极认可,无论大小。
  • 促进团队内部的公开对话
  • 赋予团队成员明确的期望,并让他们对其关键成果负责
  • 与团队领导合作,确定并开发艺术生产流程和技术,以满足艺术家使用有限资源创作高质量艺术的需求
  • 在项目的创造性愿景和技术预算限制之间保持平衡
  • 了解项目的潜在风险,并提请管理层注意
  • 在技术艺术方面为团队提供参考,并为出现的复杂问题找到解决方案
  • 优化内容以提高内存和性能
  • 参与项目特定需求的技术路线图开发
  • 根据需要参与艺术品、模型、动画和纹理的开发和渲染
  • 了解图形软件和硬件的最新趋势和方法,以制定工具和流程的早期规划。
  • Broad knowledge of game engines such as Unreal, and DCC tools such as Max/Maya/Houdini.
  • Good knowledge of scripting/programming using languages such as MaxScript, Python, C#, HLSL, GLSL etc.
  • Artistic eye with strong knowledge of the creation & integration of 2D/3D art, and ability of providing various tech solutions for complex technical and art-related challenges.
  • Worked on at least 1 shipped title from start to finish with extensive performance optimization experience.
  • Experience as a lead TA or equivalent role to manage and lead a team with confirmed leadership skills.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in both Chinese and English, ability of illustrating technical processes for both a technical and non-technical audience.
  • Excellent time management and prioritization skills.
  • Strong mindset of collaboration, agility and taking initiatives to move things forward.
  • Team lead management experience
  • Fluent English communication ability


  • 广泛了解游戏引擎(如Unreal)和DCC工具(如Max/Maya/Houdini)。
  • 熟悉使用MaxScript、Python、C#、HLSL、GLSL等语言编写脚本/编程。
  • 具有丰富的2D/3D艺术创作和整合知识的艺术眼光,能够为复杂的技术和艺术相关挑战提供各种技术解决方案。
  • 担任首席助教或同等角色的经验,以管理和领导具有公认领导技能的团队。
  • 优秀的中英文人际关系和沟通技能,能够为技术和非技术受众演示技术流程。
  • 优秀的时间管理和优先排序技能。
  • 具有良好的协作、敏捷性和主动性,推动事情向前发展能力。
  • 有相关团队管理经验
  • 流利的英文

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