Lead/Senior Graphics Programmer 主管/高级图形程序员

Dec 07, 2022
Chengdu, China
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... Senior
Full time
... Office work

About the role

Being part of the graphics team in Ubisoft Chengdu is exciting! Recently, we have been a key player in building the rendering pipeline on Switch platform and graphics optimization for “Immortals Fenyx Rising”. Join us, you will have the privilege to access all the original code of our famous in-house game engine Anvil, which we used to co-developed AAA game titles such as “Assassin's Creed” series and “Skull & Bone”, as well as Snowdrop engine used to develop many notable games by Ubisoft Studios.

Depending on your skills and experience, you will join the team making games ranges from party games such as “Rabbids” or “Roller Champions”, to AAA games like “Assassin's Creed”.

What you will do

  • Based on Ubisoft’s in-house game engine, and in cooperation with technical art, responsible for the technical research and development of the graphics rendering pipeline, improve the quality of the game visuals and improve performance;
  • Optimize the rendering pipeline and graphics algorithm for console game platforms like PlayStation, Xbox and Switch;
  • Analysis of graphics technical difficulties and provide solutions, such as culling optimization;
  • Graphics optimization technology: such as checkerboard rendering;
  • Provide suggestions and develop corresponding tools for the game development process for debug purpose;
  • Pre-research technical solutions such as ray tracing


加入育碧成都的图形程序团队吧!我们近期为“渡神记”在 Switch平台建立渲染管线和图形优化做出了重大贡献。育碧对程序团队开放所有的引擎底层源码,包括用于育碧成都参与开发的刺客信条系列的Anvil引擎,和用于其他众多育碧知名游戏的Snowdrop引擎。



  • 基于育碧自研游戏引擎,和技术美术合作,负责图形渲染管线相关的技术研发,提升游戏画面质量并解决性能问题
  • 针对PS, Xbox, Switch等游戏主机平台优化渲染流程及图形算法
  • 负责图形技术难点,如优化裁剪方式,提供并验证解决方案
  • 图形优化技术,如棋盘格渲染
  • 为游戏开发流程提供建议和开发对应工具
  • 预研光线追踪等技术方案,为提高项目质量做充分的积淀

What you should be equipped with

  • Excellent foundation knowledge of Computer Science & Software Engineering
  • Experienced in 3D graphics programming, game project preferred
  • Understanding of any 3D game engine graphics part architecture and HAL(hardware abstract layer) implementation
  • Familiar with CPU, GPU architecture and related development technology
  • Multi-thread programming
  • Familiar with C++, have solid programming skills and good coding standard, good mathematical foundation and knowledge of graphics algorithms
  • Master at least one shader language (GLSL or HLSL)
  • Familiar with performance and memory optimization
  • Good written English to interact with a multi-culture work environment

Bonus point

  • Experience in console game development
  • Project and people management experience


  • 本科学历,计算机科学与技术、软件工程等相关专业
  • 丰富的3D图形程序开发经验,游戏项目优先
  • 了解任意3D游戏引擎的图形架构和硬件抽象层的实现
  • 熟悉CPU,GPU架构及相关开发技术
  • 多线程编程技术
  • 熟练掌握C++,具备扎实的编程技术和代码规范,拥有良好的数学基础和图形学算法知识
  • 掌握至少一门shader语言(GLSL 或 HLSL)
  • 熟悉性能及内存优化
  • 良好的中英文语言能力


  • 有主机游戏开发经验
  • 项目管理或者人员管理经验

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