Lead/Senior Level Artist

Sep 16, 2022
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

Lead/Senior Level Artist will be responsible for producing the benchmark environment setting and artistic elements for exciting games produced in Chengdu, project such as Skull & Bones, Immortals Fenyx Rising, For Honor, Rabbids Party and Assassin's Creed. For Lead Level Artist, you will also be responsible for developing and leading the level artist team in Chengdu.

What you will do

  • Closely cooperate with Art Director, Concept Artist, Level Designer and Technical Artist to ensure the level meet the quality and intention within technical limitations.
  • Be identify as benchmark when contributing to the quality and efficiency
  • Contributing to break through in mandate
  • Influence to help build and develop successful LA team
  • Follows up and evaluates the level art team.
  • Leads, mobilizes and develops a team of level artists.
  • Prioritizes and manages the team’s day-to-day tasks to ensure that deliverables are completed on time, within budget and to production teams specifications.
  • Produces artistic benchmarks for the production teams.
  • Creates and optimizes artistic elements as a generalist in level art - environments, characters, objects, interfaces, SFX, lighting, shading or technical art.
  • Oversees quality and style of art assets and ensures their consistency with the artistic direction.
  • Counsels less experienced artists.






  • 与美术总监、概念美术师、关卡设计师和技术美术师密切合作,确保关卡在技术限制范围内符合质量和设计意图。
  • 为项目制作质量与效率提供基准参考
  • 为项目突破性发展做出贡献
  • 建立和发展关卡美术团队的影响力
  • 跟进并评估美术团队的水平。
  • 领导、动员和发展一支关卡美术师团队。
  • 对团队的日常任务进行优先排序和管理,以确保在预算范围内按时完成交付物,并符合制作团队的规范。
  • 为制作团队提供美术基准。
  • 创造和优化美术元素,精通关卡美术各个方面,如环境、角色、道具、界面、特效、照明、着色或技术美术。
  • 监督美术资产的质量和风格,确保其美术方向的一致性。
  • 为相对初级的美术师进行指导
  • Strong passion on game industry, game culture and AAA projects
  • Ability to understand technical constraints and to integrate them in work
  • Solid relevant working experience in 3D modeling, texturing or level art
  • Good English and communication skills
  • Good team player with good initiative
  • Strong willing to learn the new things and adapt quickly to the latest tech.
  • Good artistic skills and have better understanding on the art logic, composition, color, rhythm.
  • Relevant working experience on AAA titles is a plus


  • ·对游戏产业、游戏文化和AAA项目有强烈的热情
  • ·理解技术约束并将其融入工作的能力
  • ·丰富而扎实的3D建模、材质或关卡美术相关工作经验
  • ·良好的英语和沟通能力
  • ·良好的团队合作精神和主动性
  • ·强烈的学习新事物和快速适应最新技术的意愿。
  • ·良好的美术技能,对美术逻辑、构图、色彩、节奏有精准的理解。
  • ·AAA游戏相关的工作经验尤佳

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