Marketing Campaign Trainee

May 12, 2022
Shanghai, China
... Not specified
... Internship
Full time
... Office work

What you will do:

  • 参与团队创意分享,根据游戏的内容玩法,结合当下游戏热点、B 站用户体验、热门视频类型等,独立完成视频策划方案及脚本编写,进行脚本的初步设计 
  • 根据视频呈现的形式,提供拍摄向的执行建议,与策划人员充分沟通,挖掘并开发游戏亮点,高效地配合团队完成视频素材的拍摄 
  • 负责对演员、场地、道具、服装、布景的统筹,能高效地进行对脚本内容的跟进完成 
  • Participate in the team’s creative executions. Write the script and storyboard planning independently for short videos and live streaming according to the content of games, current hotspots on various video content platforms (e.g. Bilibili, TikTok, etc.)
  • Provide suggestions for the execution of shooting; fully communicate with the manager; explore and develop game highlights; efficiently cooperate with the team to complete the shooting of different forms of videos.
  • Responsible for the overall planning of actors, venues, props, costumes, and sets, then follow up the script content efficiently.

What you should be equipped with:   

  • 能够独立撰稿,擅长创意,策划,文字功底深厚,有丰富的想象力和创新力 
  • 具有一定的编导、视频后期能力 
  • 熟悉抖音、B 站等平台内容呈现,重度上网冲浪用户,关心娱乐热点和游戏梗 
  • 本科及以上学历,有过短视频拍摄工作的经验,对摄像机、单反等拍摄所需各项器材有过操作经验为佳 
  • 有在平台推广的视频拍摄经验者优先,如有作品提供 B 站账号 
  • 游戏爱好者优先 
  • 性格开朗活泼,愿意上镜为佳 
  • Ability to write script independently, should have creative thoughts, be well-organized, and have strong writing skills.
  • Entry-level video directing and basic post-production skills.
  • Familiar with video content platforms such as TikTok and Bilibili. Heavy Internet surfing users, paying attention to entertainment attractions and game hotspots.
  • Bachelor's degree or above. Better have experience in short video shooting (including having experience in using the camera, SLR, and other shooting equipment.)
  • Those who have video shooting experience promoted on the platform are preferred. Please provide your Bilibili account if you have upload video content on Bilibili.
  • Game lovers are preferred
  • Better to have a cheerful personality and willing to be on the screen.

What you will also get: 

  • An international working environment
  • FUN Culture
  • Lots of love from your colleagues!

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