Middle Weapon Artist

Jun 14, 2024
Kiev, Ukraine
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

The Artist will be in charge of producing, optimizing and revising 3D assets for runtime/real-time purposes. He/she will work closely with Concept Artists, Game Designers, Gameplay Programmers and Animators to integrate the work into the game and verify that all the elements interact properly.


  • Create assets and textures in line with the project’s artistic and technical direction (references, documents, etc.).
  • Integrate assets and textures produced in the game engine.
  • Verify the quality of his work once imported into the game, and make improvements when necessary.
  • Able to communicate with the level designers and modify the objects to their requirements.
  • Use specific project tools in order to achieve best results and meet deadlines.
  • Efficiently uses the texture space and takes into consideration the pixel ratio.
  • Determine the objects and environments required and adjust the work according to the story and the gameplay (Game Design documents).
  • Able to fast learn technical constraints of platforms, engines and software.
  • Understand and apply graphic principles.
  • Use artistic references to improve visuals.
  • Able to take a painted concept and turn it into realistic 3D model.
  • Able to micro plan and time estimate his work.
  • Experience in hard surface modeling 
  • Understanding of the complete production pipeline (low poly, high poly, baking, texturing and as well as integration into the Engine)
  • Experience in creating PBR materials and realistic texture
  • Ability to work with CAD modeling (understanding the principles of CAD software)
  • Ability to work with technical documentation and drawings
  • Good notion of proportions and a good eye for the detail
  • Able to fast learn technical constraints of platforms, engines, and software
  • Able to take a painted concept and turn it into a realistic 3D model
  • Able to micro plan and time estimate his work

Desirable (optional)

  • Knowledge of ZBrush is considered a plus
  • Knowledge of  Marvelous Designer will also be a plus
  • Principles of rigging and animation is a plus
  • Understanding of real-time computing constraints is a plus
  • Basic gameplay and level design knowledge


Work-Life Balance:

· Generous Time Off: Enjoy 20 working days of annual vacation along with additional time-off for volunteering, maternity/paternity and special occasions. Need an extended break? You can also take a sabbatical or long-term leave.

· Flexible Work Arrangements: Embrace a hybrid work setup that allows for flexibility and work-life balance.

Professional Growth:

· Training & Development: Access training programs tailored to your professional growth and advance by attending English and French language classes. Explore development opportunities to expand your skills and boost your career in the dedicated Ubisoft learning platform and by accessing the global knowledge base.

· Career development plan: Define your career goals and get a clear picture of your growth plan and opportunities.

· Leadership program: Participate internal program that covers all key managerial skills and competencies and maximum adjusted to Ubisoft business reality: focus on applying theory to practice.

Workplace Comfort & Tech Support:

· Contemporary Office Environment: Work in a modern office space equipped with sports facilities, Fun Hub and shelter.

· IT Support: Work with cutting-edge technologies and recent hardware supported by our IT team, ensuring smooth operation on your machine(s) and comfortable work arrangements.

· Home Office Setup: Ensure your comfort and productivity with essential home setups provided while WFH, including peripherals and ergonomic chairs.

Health & Wellness:

· Comprehensive Healthcare: From premium health insurance that includes gym memberships to psychological assistance programs. We prioritize your well-being and ensure you have the best care.

· Wellness Initiatives: Engage in mindfulness sessions and participate in a variety of well-being activities. Free bicycles are also available for convenient commuting and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

· Snacks Options: Start your day right with breakfast options provided in the office, including dietary accommodations to suit your needs. Additionally, we offer a selection of healthy snack options in the office to support your overall wellness.

Community Engagement:

· Social Responsibility Initiatives: Participate in our social responsibility initiatives, contributing to meaningful change in our communities and fostering a sense of purpose beyond the workplace. Ubisoft grants you additional time-off to contribute to a good cause.

Fun & Relaxation:

· Ubisoft Connect: We set you up with a full list of Ubisoft titles added directly to your Ubisoft Connect account on PC and keep growing your collection with every new release.

· Office Celebrations: Join in various office celebrations, game release festivities, run marathons, after-work events, fostering a vibrant and inclusive workplace culture.

· Recreational Breaks: Take refreshing breaks with recreational activities like table tennis, board games, and video games available in our vibrant office environment. Dive into our Ubi-library stocked with games, board games, and books for leisure and relaxation during your rests.

By offering these comprehensive benefits, we strive to create an environment where employees can thrive both personally and professionally, supported by a range of opportunities for well-being, growth, and community engagement.

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