Production Manager (Assassin's Creed)

May 17, 2024
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

About the role

As a Production Manager, you break down a game vision into a roadmap of achievable milestones, and concentrate the day-to-day efforts of a group of production team members to reach them.

You’re responsible for defining, planning, prioritizing, communicating, and tracking project deliverables. You have a wide perspective of the production floor: a realistic grasp of our capabilities, thorough understanding of interdependencies, knowledge of the actionable steps to get to our goals, and awareness of where to focus our energy. You see to it that your team is prepared and able to ship quality features and content to our players – on time and in a supportive environment.

What you will do

  • Partner with the core team to understand the overall game vision & requirements.
  • Define and plan the project scope of your specific deliverables (e.g. level art, audio, UI, VFX, mission, economy, gameplay rules, etc.), creating the production schedule and developing strategies.
  • Regularly meet with your team to allocate tasks, discuss progress and setbacks, communicate milestones, prioritize deliverables, present updates, address concerns, give direction, gather feedback, etc.
  • Track, monitor, and analyze the production schedule; rescoping & adjusting your strategies when need be.
  • Provide your team with all they need to work efficiently and achieve quality (documentation, tools, pipelines, reviews, communication channels, etc.).
  • Organize the approvals and debugging of deliverables + keep team leads up to date on progress and issues.
  • Sync up with other production managers to ensure consistency, remove blockers, and mitigate risks.
  • Prepare and evaluate post-mortems to continuously improve our production processes.






  • 与核心团队合作,了解游戏的整体蓝图和需求。
  • 制作特定项目的交付成果规划(例如关卡美术、音频、用户界面、视觉效果、任务、经济、游戏玩法规则等),安排日程并制定策略。
  • 定期与团队成员会面,分配任务,讨论进展和阻碍,沟通阶段性成果,确定交付成果的优先次序,汇报项目相关变动与更新,解决疑难困惑,收集意见反馈等。
  • 跟进、监督和分析开发进程;必要时重新调整策略。
  • 为团队提供工作所需的资源与支持(包括文档、工具、流程、审查、沟通渠道等),以提升工作效率和产品质量。
  • 组织交付成果的审批和调试,并及时向团队负责人汇报进展和问题。
  • 及时与其他制作经理同步信息,确保一致性,排除障碍,降低风险。
  • 准备项目总结并自我评估,以持续改善开发流程。

What you will bring

  • Bachelor's degree or higher.
  • Minimum of 5 years working in gaming industry.
  • Went through the whole game production cycle, from conception to launch and live operation.
  • Shipped at least one game in a project management role.
  • Outstanding written and verbal communication skills, in English and Mandarin.
  • Knowledge of the Office Suite (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) + familiarity with project management software (e.g. Jira)*
  • Ability to balance shifting short-term priorities and long-term goals
  • A highly collaborative, attentive, empathetic, and solution-oriented spirit
  • Excellent time management, organizational, interpersonal, and cross-department communication skills
  • Critical thinking, curiosity, resourcefulness, and plenty of flexibility
  • Organization & presentation skills
  • Excellent analysis and problem-solving skills
  • Results focus and ability to work effectively under pressure

Bonus points

  • SCRUM Master or PMP certificates
  • Experience of working on AAA title



  • 本科及以上学历。
  • 至少 5年的游戏行业经验。
  • 曾参与游戏制作的全流程,包括游戏的概念设计、发布出版到上线运营等。
  • 以项目管理的身份至少交付过一款游戏。
  • 熟练使用英语和普通话进行书面和口语交流。
  • 熟练使用办公套件(如 Excel 和 PowerPoint等)和项目管理软件(如Jira)
  • 能够平衡短期优先事项和长期目标。
  • 高度协作,细致入微,富有同理心,以解决问题为导向。
  • 出色的时间管理能力、组织协调能力、人际交往能力和跨部门沟通能力。


  • 拥有SCRUM Master 或 PMP 证书
  • 具有开发 AAA 级作品的经验

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