Rédacteur·rice Sénior·e / Senior Writer

Feb 24, 2023
Montréal, Canada
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

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Our Motive is to create innovative action games within iconic worlds where every player feels like the hero. Let's say that again—iconic worlds, where every player feels like the hero.

Our passion has taken us from imagining dogfighter pilots in Star Wars: Squadrons, to re-creating Isaac Clarke onboard the Ishimura in Dead Space™, and now to building an original Iron Man action-adventure video game.

We believe in sharing our passion with our community, and with each other by having transparent discussions, by practicing an inclusive culture, and by nurturing a continuous growth mindset. Our approach feels simple, but it leads to the best work of our careers, and as a team, building unique and immersive experiences.

We're looking for writers who can help us grow the team and explore new ways to deliver stories within our titles. You'll help define what narrative means within the studio and how we develop our worlds internally. As part of the team your daily responsibilities will include dialogue writing, story development, narrative implementation, and collaborating with other departments on narrative elements. You will report to the Lead Writer and also work closely with the Narrative Director.

You will strike a balance between creative writing, and technical expertise. This includes writing scripted mission dialogue, pacing out gameplay to help tell the story, and contributing to the narrative vision. This is a collaborative position and will require working with all disciplines within the studio to help define how the story integrates with gameplay.


  • Develop compelling, engaging, and immersive narrative game experiences.
  • Participate in a writer's room where ideas are generated, problems are solved, and details are refined.
  • Explore new ways to bring characters to life with a practical approach that blends into, or with gameplay.
  • Work with Narrative Leadership to uphold and advocate for the narrative vision of a given project.
  • Develop creative, thought-provoking, and captivating storylines for characters and missions.
  • Write dialogue that is natural, believable, and reflective of each character's personality.
  • Assist the Lead Writer in mentoring more junior members of the team.
  • Collaborate with designers to create a mission structure that identifies narrative beats and plot lines to support the story.
  • Review content to ensure narrative work is integrated into the gameplay experience.
  • Work with Tools teams to improve writing workflows and processes.
  • Maintain narrative documentation to constantly reflect the latest iterations in the vision.



  • Have experience with interactive storytelling.
  • At least two shipped AAA games in a writing or narrative design role
  • Work and succeed in a collaborative team environment
  • Knowledge of industry trends and successful intellectual properties
  • Plays and has knowledge of modern video games
  • Experience in open world and non-linear dialogue for games
  • Scripting experience with text or visual scripting languages
  • Published written work (novels, short fiction, film, television, comics)
  • Experience working with and in game engines.
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