Release & Build Specialist 配置管理工程师

Jun 28, 2022
Chengdu, China
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... Internship
Full time
... Office work

Purpose of the Position

As the Release & Build Specialist you will provide solutions that allow production teams to optimize efficiency and minimize risk during development in order to let them concentrate on bringing high-quality games to players. 

Job Responsibilities

-       Work involved in all the game projects on PC, Xbox, PS, Switch and Mobile platforms

-       Collaborate with other colleagues from foreign studios to support the game projects

-       Set up and maintain the Continuous Integration pipeline and Build Farm of game version

-       Manage production assets and code (i.e. Version Control System, Data and Network Attached Storage)

-       Optimize processes or workflows to improve productivity (i.e. develop scripts or applications to implement repetitive tasks automatically)

-       Support problems in working environment (i.e. access, network, tool, service, configuration) for production team

-       Investigate tools from both internal and external of Ubisoft. Reuse the existed tools or modules with high priority to implement solution

-       Play a technical backbone to in CI team to help improve the expertise of team




- 参与PC、Xbox、PS、Switch和移动平台所有游戏项目的工作
- 与国外工作室的其他同事合作支持游戏项目
- 建立和维护游戏版本的持续集成管道和构建农场
- 管理生产资产和代码(即版本控制系统、数据和网络附加存储)
- 优化流程或工作流程以提高生产力(即开发脚本或应用程序以自动执行重复性任务)
- 支持生产团队的工作环境问题(即访问、网络、工具、服务、配置)
- 调查育碧内部和外部的工具。重用已有的工具或高优先级的模块来实现解决方案
- 在CI团队中扮演技术骨干,帮助提高团队的专业知识

Job Requirements

-       2 years + experience in at least one major source control (Perforce, Git, SVN)

-       2 years + experience with at least one major CI tool (QuickBuild, TeamCity, Jenkins, CruiseControl.NE)

-       2 years + experience with some scripting language (Groovy, Python, batch files, shell)

-       C++/C#/Java programming experience or Unity engine project experience is plus

-       Able to identify potential risks and proactively optimization while proposing solutions for problems

-       Able to work independently, also collaborate with local project teams and foreign CI teams well at work

-       Be good at thinking and improving the way of work, and have consciousness of service and team player

-       Good Chinese & English communication ability, able to communicate well with other studios around the world


- 2 年以上至少一种主要源代码控制经验(Perforce、Git、SVN)
- 2 年以上使用至少一种主要 CI 工具(QuickBuild、TeamCity、Jenkins、CruiseControl.NE)的经验
- 2 年以上脚本语言经验(Groovy、Python、批处理文件、shell)
- 有C++/C#/Java编程经验或Unity引擎项目经验者优先
- 能够识别潜在风险并主动优化,同时针对问题提出解决方案
- 能够独立工作,也能与当地项目团队和国外CI团队合作工作
- 善于思考和改进工作方式,有服务意识和团队精神
- 良好的中英文沟通能力,能够与世界各地的工作室进行良好的沟通

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