Release Software Engineer

Jul 07, 2022
Stockholm, Sweden
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... Senior
Full time
... Office work

We are DICE

DICE (EA Digital Illusions Creative Entertainment), the award-winning studio based in Stockholm, Sweden, is best known for creating the phenomenally successful Battlefield franchise, the Star Wars: Battlefront franchise, and the creative game Mirror's Edge.

As a Release Engineer, you will help establish new policies, improving process
and culture to reach better quality. You will be part of the Build Health team delivering the technology toolchain for DICE game teams. Release Engineers respond to issues from game teams by gathering and analyzing data from different sources to help identify and fix defects, and implement tools to improve the efficiency of software development and testing to improve the product quality.

The Build Health team is a team part of the EA DICE Live Service organization. Ensuring build quality requires broad knowledge, ability dig deep into unfamiliar code written in C++, C#, Groovy or Python and use autotest results and source control history. You will need to be able to understand the full toolchain to produce a game, and of working with other engineering teams to develop parts of the toolchain.


  • Develop or improve tools and workflows that e.g. increase the productivity and quality-of-life for the wider dev team or help increase the quality of our games.
  • Improve the build production toolchain with e.g. improved CI pipelines or optimisations of code and data build systems in our CI system.
  • Perform or support with integrations of anything from bug fixes to entire systems or features between feature branches, dev branches and release branches. You will play a critical role in getting the right fixes and features to our players at the right time.
  • React to alerts from our CI system and help direct that to the appropriate team. You will also play a key role in improving this process over time.


  • Experience with Release Engineering or from multiple Engineering disciplines in game software development
  • Generalist with 2+ years of professional experience in C++. You are also very comfortable with diving into code written in various different programming languages.
  • Experience debugging code and finding defects
  • Experience with source controls systems, e.g. Perforce, git, or similar
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