Rendering Software Engineer Intern

Jun 20, 2024
Madrid, Spain
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... Internship
Full time
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  Contract:  Internship (6 months + 6 months).
Location: Madrid, Spain
Working Model: Hybrid/Remote
We are opening a unique opportunity for a Rendering Intern to join our Rendering Team based in Madrid and learn Frostbite Engine! You will work with some of the brightest engineers in games to build the tools, workflows, and runtime used to create amazing graphics for Frostbite games. This may include implementing rendering features, fixing bugs with existing features, or optimizing existing code. We also focus on providing a flexible foundation for game teams to build great new features upon, and harvest those solutions back into the engine. We are looking for a self-starter who can work both in a team-oriented environment and independently. We are looking for someone who has the ability to adapt to rapidly changing project requirements and continuous feedback. Some one who is able to quickly learn and adjust to new technologies, platforms, and game areas our team is working on. Additionally, we seek someone who enjoys working (and playing!) in a dynamic, cutting-edge environment. Responsibilities
  • Help to develop and maintain high quality rendering systems for AAA games
  • Research, innovate and implement cutting edge real-time rendering techniques
  • Collaborate across team and discipline boundaries to provide highly productive and effective art and content workflows
  • Work on performance profiling and optimization on multiple platforms
  • Work closely with game team artists to create effective solutions
  • An engineer working towards a Bachelor's degree or above in Computer Science or a related academic program
  • Real-time computer graphics knowledge
  • Shader and C++ coding
  • Some experience with Modern Graphics API
  • Knowledge of profiling and optimization
  • Strong collaboration, communication and writing skills (English is our main language)
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
Bonus Qualifications (not a must, but good to have)
  • The best candidates will have completed personal game or domain expertise projects independent of school, and can show it to us during interview
  • C#/Tools development experience
Render Software Engineer  is a critical part of the game creation process. You will report to the engineering team's manager and Tech Lead and learn and work with your peers to render specific tasks. They are involved in architectural design and implementation of rendering technology on multiple platforms. They are working with designers, artists, and other engineers to build complex graphics features – life-like visuals, huge and immersive worlds, and graphical FX.
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