Research Student - Ubisoft La Forge

May 23, 2024
Shanghai, China
... Not specified
... Junior
... Office work

*Please note that this position will be signed with a Freelancer's contract. Requires more than 6 months internship periods.

As a Research Student at Ubisoft La Forge China, you will work closely with a group of R&D scientists, developers, and production experts. You will design, implement, and evaluate state-of-the-art prototypes that bring innovations to players and across the company, in domains such as Generative AI, Characters & Animations, or Computer Graphics to name a few. As La Forge believes in the power of expanding public knowledge, you will not only share the results of your research internally across Ubisoft, but also have opportunities to give talks at external conference and publish papers in scientific publications.

作为育碧La Forge中国团队的Research Student,你将和研发科学家、开发人员和游戏项目组专家紧密合作,一起构思、实施和评估行业最先进的原型,为玩家体验和开发工作带来创新。团队的研究领域涵盖生成式AI、角色与动画、计算机图形,等等。La Forge坚信知识共享能够推动生产力发展,因此你将不仅在育碧内部分享研究成果,也将有机会参加外部学术会议或科学出版物上发表文章。

  • An ongoing university degree in a relevant area of study, such as: Machine Learning (CV, NLP, RL, DL etc.)
  • Collaborate with team members and game production teams to develop prototypes.
  • Explore innovative ideas through designing and implementation of prototypes.     
  • Set up experiments to evaluate, compare, and refine prototypes. 
  • Share your results through written analyses and presentations. 
  • Document your work for knowledge transfer and to allow users to understand prototypes.
  • Provide support on the prototype you have worked on.
  • Communicate progress outside Ubisoft by publishing papers and presenting at conferences.
  • Program with respect to best practices, performance, maintenance, compatibility, and portability requirements.
  • Stay up to date on relevant research and technological advancements to identify new opportunities applicable to video games. 
  • 与团队成员和游戏研发团队合作开发原型。
  • 通过设计和实施原型来探索创新性想法。
  • 设立实验来评估、比较和完善原型。
  • 通过书面分析和演示与我们分享你的研究成果。
  • 记录工作过程,以促进知识传递及帮助用户理解原型。
  • 为您所参与的原型后续工作提供支持。
  • 通过发表文章和参加学术会议上等方式,对外宣传育碧的研究进展。
  • 遵循最佳实践、性能、维护、兼容性和可移植性要求进行编程。
  • 保持关注最新研究和技术发展,以识别适用于视频游戏的新机会。

Must have:

  • An ongoing university degree in a relevant area of study, such as: Machine Learning (CV, NLP, RL, DL etc.)
  • Computer Science Statistics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Applied Physics
  • Hands-on experience in personal projects, internships, or industry.
  • Intermediate to advanced knowledge of Python and/or C++ and frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras
  • A solid foundation in mathematics
  • Critical thinking capabilities
  • Curiosity and resourcefulness
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Collaborative and results-oriented spirit

Nice–to have:

  • Some experience with Digital Content Creation tools (Maya, Houdini, Blender, MotionBuilder…).
  • Some experience with game engines such as Unreal or Unity.
  • Some Knowledge about the video game development process.








  • 在个人项目、实习或行业中具有实际经验。
  • 对Python和/或C++以及TensorFlow、PyTorch、Keras等框架具有中级到高级的知识。
  • 扎实的数学基础
  • 具备批判性思维的能力
  • 充满好奇心和富有应变力
  • 良好的人际交往和沟通技巧
  • 具有合作和以结果为导向的精神


  • 具备一定的数字内容创作工具的使用经验如Maya、Houdini、Blender、MotionBuilder等
  • 具备一定Unreal或Unity等游戏引擎的使用经验。
  • 对视频游戏开发流程有一定了解。

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