Senior Audio Designer

Mar 19, 2024
Shanghai, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

About the Role :

As an Audio Designer, you will collaborate with teams from co-dev studios to create immersive, story-driven open-world video games. Your role will be to design and integrate high-quality audio into the game to help bring the narrative and world to life.


What you will do :

  • Conceptualize, create, integrate, and finalize audio elements within the game according to audio direction instructions
  • Enhance game features and mechanics with innovative audio designs
  • Work closely with game and level designers, as well as animators, to ensure that the audio supports the overall game design
  • Use proprietary games and audio engines and actively participate in improving and troubleshooting them
  • Collaborate with programmers to identify and resolve technical issues, ensuring a high-quality soundscape
  • Define project features and tasks
  • Create sound effects, record Foley, synthesize, and work with audio libraries to achieve the desired audio effects
  • Mix and master both linear and interactive media
  • Work with the creative team, including game designers, creative directors, and artistic directors, to enhance player immersion and experience


  • 根据音频指导说明,构思、创建、整合并最终确定游戏中的音频元素
  • 通过创新的音频设计增强游戏功能和机制
  • 与游戏和关卡设计师以及动画师密切合作,确保音频支持整体游戏设计
  • 使用专有的游戏和音频引擎,并积极参与改进和故障排除工作
  • 与程序员合作,发现并解决技术问题,确保高质量的音效
  • 确定项目的功能和任务
  • 创建音效、录制 Foley、合成并与音频库合作,以实现所需的音频效果
  • 混合并掌握线性媒体和互动媒体
  • 与创意团队(包括游戏设计师、创意总监和艺术总监)合作,增强玩家的沉浸感和体验


  • Professional background in audio, sound design, music, or related fields with solid skills in audio recording, processing, and mixing (familiarity with Pro Tools or Reaper is essential)
  • Advanced knowledge of the entertainment industry with respect to video games, movies, TV series, and music
  • Proven proficiency in game engine editors, such as Unity or Unreal
  • Familiarity with various audio middleware applications and audio specifications for different game platforms
  • Experience with visually oriented or node-based systems, such as Reaktor, Max/MSP
  • Strong commitment to personal and peer development and sharing of best practices
  • Passion for creating and playing video games.
  • Highly proficient in both spoken and written English
  • Sound design experience with credits on successful projects
  • Experienced as a management role


  • 在音频、音频设计、音乐或相关领域的专业背景,并具有扎实的音频录制、处理和混音技能(熟悉Pro Tools或Reaper)
  • 深度掌握视频游戏、电影、电视剧和音乐等娱乐行业的相关知识
  • 熟练使用过游戏引擎编辑器(如Unity或Unreal)
  • 熟悉各种音频中间件应用程序和不同游戏平台的音频规范
  • 有使用图形化或节点式系统(如Reaktor、Max/MSP)的经验
  • 愿意分享最佳实践经验
  • 对于制作游戏以及玩游戏都有相当的热情
  • 能够熟练使用英语进行口头和书面沟通
  • 参与过1个游戏项目全流程的音效设计
  • 有过管理团队的经验


  • Basic programming skills with C, C++, and the ability to implement basic programming algorithms
  • Experienced in dialogue and field recording
  • Familiarity with audio programming and DS software


  • 具有C、C++的基本编程技能,并能够实现基础的编程算法。
  • 有对话和外部录音的经验
  • 熟悉音频编程和DS软件

Benefits and Perks from Ubisoft Shanghai:

  • · Future of Work framework: flexible hours and up to 8 days of working remotely per calendar month
  • · A minimum of 15 days paid annual leave
  • · Monthly meal and snack allowance
  • · Premium medical insurance plan and free annual health check
  • · Game Package: free access to Ubisoft games on PC plus a rich and expanding library of games & books
  • · Employee Assistance Program: wellbeing solutions, emotional support, and life coaching
  • · 10+ staff clubs featuring weekly sports and gaming activities and events

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