Senior Level Artist

Sep 19, 2023
Shanghai, China
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... Senior
Full time
... Office work

About the Role

As a Senior Level Artist, you will be responsible for the graphical content of one or several basic game levels and must ensure that your work can be successfully integrated, taking the technological limits and artistic direction into account.

What you will do

  • Become familiar with game design documents to know the environments, objects, atmospheres, story, and style to build level(s).
  • Create documents that list and present the graphical content of the levels (objects, environments, atmosphere, lighting, styles, etc.)
  • Build the rough map of the level with the level designer to show and get approval for the first graphical intentions and gameplays.
  • Help estimate, after assessing level content with the art director/leader, workload and plan tasks per priority and per level.
  • Participate in the search of precise graphic references that are specific to the game level(s) and become familiar with tool installation methods and their settings, the project's file nomenclature system, and the data updating processes in the engine.
  • Create the architectural and prop elements with texture and integrate them into the level. Participate in setting the properties of each of the objects in his/her map (e.g.: movement, collision, SFX, sound, etc.)
  • Verify the quality of the maps once they are imported into the game and make any necessary improvements.
  • Remedy the bugs entered by the testers to eliminate any anomalies.
  • Constantly optimize his/her map by, for example, adjusting the size of the level according to gameplay situations after assessment with the level designer.




  • 熟悉游戏设计文档,了解关卡的环境、对象、氛围、故事和风格。
  • 创建带有纹理的建筑和道具元素,并将它们整合到关卡中。参与设置地图中每个物体的属性(例如:移动、碰撞、SFX、声音等)
  • 与关卡设计师一起绘制关卡的粗略地图,以展示最初的图形意图和游戏玩法
  • 在与美术指导/负责人一起评估关卡内容后,帮助估算工作时间,并按优先级和每个关卡规划任务。
  • 将制作好的物体和纹理整合到关卡中。
  • 熟悉工具安装方法及其设置、项目文件命名系统以及引擎中的数据更新流程。
  • • 创建文件,列出并展示关卡的图形内容(物体、环境、氛围、照明、风格等)
  • 参与设置地图中每个物体的属性(例如:移动、碰撞、灯光效果、SFX、声音等)
  • 在地图导入游戏后对其质量进行检验,并做出必要的改进。
  • 纠正测试人员输入的错误,消除任何异常。
  • 不断优化其地图,例如,在与关卡设计师评估后,根据游戏情况调整碎片的大小

What you will bring

  • Shipped at least 1-2 AAA Projects and knowledge in game-oriented modeling or any other equivalent area.
  • Proven work experience in modeling, texturing, and imaging or any other relevant experience.
  • Proven knowledge of 3D software (Maya, 3D Max, Blender, etc.).
  • Good knowledge of the basics of creating heightmaps. World Machine and Substance Designer are good examples of procedural heightmap creation software.
  • Have a deep understanding of overall world design, lighting, texturing, etc.
  • Good organizational skills and the capacity to work in a team. • Able to take criticism and keep up with changes.
  • Have initiative and be creative, with originality and resourcefulness in finding solutions.
  • Good communication skills in English, both oral and written.

Nice to have:

  • Knowledge of lighting is a plus.


  • 参与过1-2个3A游戏项目的研发并 对游戏导向建模或其他相关领域的知识
  • 有建模、纹理和成像或其他相关领域的工作经验 • 熟练使用 3D 软件(Maya、3D Max、Blender 等)
  • 熟练掌握创建高度图的基础知识,熟悉World Machine 和 Substance Designer 的程序化高度图创建软件
  • 深度掌握世界设计、照明、纹理制作 deep 的理解
  • 良好的组织能力和团队合作能力
  • 能够接受批评并跟上变化 • 有主动性和创造力,并能独创性和资源地寻找解决方案
  • 能够使用良好的英语进行口头和书面沟通


  • 熟悉灯光美术相关知识

Benefits and Perks from Ubisoft Shanghai:

  • Future of Work framework: flexible hours and up to 8 days of working remotely per calendar month
  • A minimum of 15 days paid annual leave
  • Monthly meal and snack allowance
  • Premium medical insurance plan and free annual health check
  • Game Package: free access to Ubisoft games on PC plus a rich and expanding library of games & books
  • Employee Assistance Program: wellbeing solutions, emotional support, and life coaching
  • Jumpstart your growth:  A rich resevoir of premium and exclusive learning resources to support your continuous learning, expand your skillset, and advance your career.
  • 10+ staff clubs featuring weekly sports and gaming activities and events

Ubisoft CSR commitment

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In Ubisoft, we are working to enrich players’ lives through unique and memorable gaming experiences and by improving the positive impacts of our games. To get there, we are creating a safer, more inclusive work environment, we are giving back to the communities where Ubisoft operates by working with local non-profit partners and by working to reduce the environmental impact of our business.



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