Senior Research Engineer - Machine Learning

Mar 19, 2024
Stockholm, Sweden
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Full time
... Office work

We are a global team of creators, storytellers, technologists, experience originators, and so more. We believe amazing games and experiences start with teams as diverse as the players and communities we serve. At Electronic Arts, the only limit is your imagination.

SEED is a pioneering group within Electronic Arts, combining creativity with applied research. We explore, build and help define the future of interactive entertainment.

We exist at EA to deliver and foster inspiring innovation for our games and our players. We do this through exploration, research, prototypes, and never-ending curiosity. We collaborate with game teams and industry partners and also publish our research within our industry and to the public. We pursue long-term applied research yet stay relevant to the present by delivering artifacts along the way to game teams and technology groups inside EA. Some of our research includes bringing digital characters to life, using machine learning for game AI and content creation, and developing novel real-time graphics & physics techniques.

We are looking for a Senior Research Engineer - someone with experience working with machine learning with a focus on AI for gameplay, to contribute their unique expertise across SEED's projects and create technology that enables world-class experiences for our players.

With your passion for AI, you have a good sense of the path to true innovation for their application in video games. You know the relevant research areas in the field and know how they need to evolve and be applied to deliver unforgettable experiences. You will work with other researchers to design and implement technology that enables novel experiences for our players. This is an applied R&D role: you excel at both researching and implementing end-to-end solutions and know how to balance between quality and performance to ensure the delivery of results. As part of a collective of diverse individuals, you will also contribute your unique expertise across SEED's projects that live at the intersection of many domains. 

This role is a flexible hybrid onsite role from our EA office in Stockholm (Sweden) and it offers an opportunity for remote work. You will report to our game AI (Intelligent Agents) research vector leader.


  • Bring new ideas, discuss, research, and implement solutions to some of the most complex game AI and gameplay challenges to create differentiation for EA.
  • Develop novel neural network applications for real-time use cases in games.
  • Build demos that showcase such novel applications of neural networks.
  • Deliver technology from the R&D workbench into products at EA, in partnership with game teams and central technology groups.
  • Collaborate with other developers at SEED on projects where your unique expertise will create novelty across SEED's projects that live at the intersection of many domains.
  • Collaborate with game teams and central technology groups to understand their requirements better and bring expertise in overlapping areas.
  • Share your work through publications, open sourcing, and speaking at conferences.

As a diverse team with solid goals, we provide autonomy and true influence to each member of SEED. We are looking for an open and curious person; someone who gets a kick out of taking new ideas, investigating them, and adapting their application to games. You have a desire to explore new areas of game development - someone who is passionate, creative, communicative, and invested.


  • A degree in machine learning, artificial intelligence, computer science, or any other relevant field.
  • 7+ years of experience researching and applying traditional or machine learning-based AI techniques for the purpose of real-time applications, for games or in other relevant fields.
  • Experience with machine learning. Optionally, you have experience with reinforcement learning and imitation learning.
  • You have publications, presentations, or related artifacts in AI or a relevant field.
  • Python programming experience with ML frameworks like PyTorch or TensorFlow 
  • You work well within a team and want to collaborate with other researchers, engineers, artists, and designers.
  • Willingness to travel for conferences and visit teams across EA studios.
  • You care about video games.
  • Optionally, you are familiar with game engines, such as Unity or Unreal.
  • Optionally, you are familiar with real-time programming languages such as C, C++, or C#.

If you want to be part of—and work with—some of the most incredible people in the field, then SEED is your team!

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