Senior Software Engineer - Content Framework - C++ (Frostbite)

Sep 28, 2023
Vancouver, Canada
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... Senior
Full time
... Office work

Frostbite is EA’s state-of-the-art multi-platform game development engine. Our global team develops creative engine features and cutting-edge tools that let our game makers create stunning games. We’re honored to have thousands of game developers worldwide using Frostbite as they create some of the industry’s best-known titles and amazing player experiences. Join us as we help shape the future of gaming with Frostbite.

You will be a part of our team building main systems for data management and game asset processing that make our tools responsive and stable for thousands of users editing millions of assets. Some examples of what we work with are: 

  • The system that provides on-disk data to our editor
  • The pipeline for creating game-ready data from raw or source data
  • A caching system for built data to increase efficiency
  • A service for On-demand loading of large game data

This team belongs to the Production Systems domain that creates tools, frameworks and services that EA’s content creators rely on to create and enhance EA’s games. You’ll find opportunities to improve content creator workflows, allowing faster iteration times and creativity for our engineers content creators. You will report to our Senior Engineering Manager.


  • Communicate with game and other Frostbite teams around the world to understand their specific needs
  • Work collaboratively on design, test, and maintenance of services delivered by the team and take ownership of those services. 
  • Release planning jointly with Tech Lead, Product Owner, Engineering Manager and other team members
  • Contribute to discussions around the longer term vision and high-level plans for the future of the product area
  • Gain domain expertise and share knowledge within the team.


  • 5+ years of experience with C++ programming, data-guided design, and software architecture
  • Experience with content pipelines
  • Experienced in building high-performing concurrent software
  • Experience with agile development practices
  • Experience of data processing and data management
  • Experience implementing databases or file systems
  • Some experience with web services running locally and in Azure
  • Experience creating custom workflows in digital content creation software such as Maya or Houdini

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