Senior Software Engineer

Apr 12, 2024
Stockholm, Sweden
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... Senior
Full time
... Office work

Frostbite is EA’s state-of-the-art multi-platform game development engine. Our global team develops creative engine features and cutting-edge tools that let our game makers create stunning games. We’re honored to have thousands of game developers worldwide using Frostbite as they create some of the industry’s best-known titles and amazing player experiences. Join us as we help shape the future of gaming with Frostbite.

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our inclusive Frostbite Architecture Team that reports to Frostbite Head of Technology. As a Senior Software Engineer, you will ensure the stability, performance, and technical health of the Frostbite engine.


  • You will work across the entire engine, including engineering investigations, unblocking technical issues, promoting best practices, and enhancing team productivity.
  • You will work with teams to ensure the stability, performance, and technical health of the Frostbite engine. Provide guidance, troubleshoot issues, and foster best practices.
  • You will create tools to maintain and track Frostbite engine quality, analyze data, monitor performance metrics, and enhance efficiency in game team development.
  • You will identify risks and impediments within Frostbite and supporting teams. Help reduce tech debt, improve effectiveness, and propose solutions.
  • You will stay updated with industry trends, evaluate new technologies, and propose improvements to Frostbite's architecture.



  • You have 7 years of experience as a Software Engineer, with a focus on software architecture, systems and performance.
  • You have proficiency in C++ and C# programming languages.
  • You have experience delivering projects using large-scale game engines or complex software systems.
  • You have knowledge of using software development best practices in large teams.
  • You have experience with gaming and a desire to push the boundaries of technology in the gaming industry.

If you are an experienced Senior Software Engineer with experience in architectural design, performance optimization, and improving the technical health of game engines, we invite you to join our inclusive team. Help shape the future of Frostbite and deliver unparalleled gaming experiences.

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