Senior Technical Animator (Assassin's Creed)

Mar 07, 2023
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

We are looking for a Technical Animator specializing in understanding character workflow and tools. Rigging, skinning and animation integration are the main responsibilities of Technical Animator. The ideal candidate should be capable of working with the Animation and Art team to ensure they are creating the high quality content with the tools and assets provided and that the pipelines are as efficient as possible.

What you will do:

• Integration of the character assets and cinematics into the game engine. Design, create and test character rigs.

• Research and share knowledge of existing engines and animation packages within the industry.

• Interact and collaborate with different teams (the art team, designers and programmers) to fulfill tasks according to production plan.

• Design, create and test character rigs.

• Maintain and test animation tools and pipelines.

• Apply and maintain consistency for exported characters, props, and animations throughout the entire project.

• Develop progressive techniques and process to solve character and animation challenges.

• Proactive in problem identification and creating solutions.

• Interact and collaborate with the different departments (Art, Programming, Production, etc.)



• 将角色资源和电影技术集成到游戏引擎中,设计、创建和测试角色装备。

• 研究和分享行业内现有引擎和动画软件包的知识。

• 与不同团队(美术团队、设计师和程序员)互动和协作,根据生产计划完成任务。

• 设计、创建和测试角色装备。

• 维护和测试动画工具和管道。

• 在整个项目中应用并维护导出角色、道具和动画的一致性。

• 开发渐进的技术和流程,以解决角色和动画挑战。

• 主动识别问题并创建解决方案。

• 与不同部门(美术、编程、制作等)互动和协作

- Solid technical animation experience in multiple shipped titles.

- Expertise in rigging and skinning assets.

- Good understanding of animation principles and anatomy.

- Experience with Motion capture and data transfer.

- Ability to understand technical implementations and limitations.

- Proficient with standard industry tools like Motion Builder, 3ds Max, Photoshop.

- Excellent problem solving skills. Candidate must be able to quickly identify issues and resolve them.

- Demonstrates the independency, efficiency and commitment to projects/tasks - A good team player with strong cross-group communication skills.

- Good learning ability, looking for improvements consistently.

- A gamer with the passion and confidence of creating top-quality games.

- Fluent in English, both verbal and written or having the willingness to learn and improve Plus: - Experience in MEL, Python, C# or C++ is a Plus







-熟练使用标准行业工具,如Motion Builder、3ds Max、Photoshop。 -良好的团队合作精神,具有较强的跨团队沟通能力。

-热爱游戏 加分项: -有MEL、Python、C#或C++相关经验者优先