(senior)Data Analyst(Just Dance)

Jun 28, 2022
Shanghai, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work
  • Analyze, synthesize and interpret players data to identify trends, develop insights, and inform decision makers;
  • Design, implement reports and dashboards to provide strategic and operational support to the game team before and after game launch;
  • Research and develop statistical models to explain players behaviors and anticipate future ones;
  • Develop action plans and work with game team to implement recommendations and measure their impacts;
  • Collaborate with worldwide and local stakeholders to share analysis, best practices and methodologies;
  • Design in-game tracking requirements with game team and follow-up on their implementation inside the game;
  • Contribute to the development and enhancement of the existing data pipeline;
  • Create new processes, optimize and standardize existing ones;
  • 分析、整合和解读玩家数据,以识别市场趋势,增强行业洞察力并提供决策支持;            
  • 设计,制作相关报告与报表,就游戏的生命周期,在战略与运营层面上为游戏团队提供支持;           
  • 研究和开发统计模型以解读玩家行为并预测未来变化;           
  • 提出建议并与游戏团队合作执行,分析并衡量其影响;           
  • 与全球的合作方紧密工作,分享数据并改善工作方法。
  • 与团队一起设计游戏内的数据埋点,并跟踪其在游戏内的实施;          
  • Bachelor or master degree in Computer Science, Applied Mathematics or equivalent;
  • At least 2 years’ working experience as game data analyst, and experience with entire game project data analyzing.
  • Proficient in SQL, in particular on big data;
  • Proficient with reporting and data visualization tools such as Tableau;
  • Proficient in Excel or other data tools such as Jupyter Notebook is a plus
  • Fluent in Mandarin Chinese;
  • Capable to work in English in an international environment;
  • Passionate about gaming and familiar with major gaming platforms and the industry;
  • 具备计算机科学、应用数学或同等专业学士或硕士学位;            
  •  2年以上相关的工作经验,有完整的游戏项目数据分析经验。        
  • 精通SQL,特别是大数据相关;            
  • 精通报告和数据可视化工具,如Tableau;            
  • 精通Excel或其他数据工具,如Jupyter Notebook等技能者优先;
  • 普通话流利;            
  • 能够在国际化环境中用英语工作;            
  • 热衷于游戏,熟悉本行业和主要游戏平台;
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