Senior/Lead Quest Designer

Mar 15, 2023
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

As a Senior/Lead Quest Designer, you’ll play an instrumental role in bringing the project to life. Ultimately your challenge will be the player’s interaction with our story. Leading a team of designers as collaborating with the Narrative team and in collaboration with multidisciplinary developers, you’ll be responsible for the holistic design of narrative systems, content pipelines, and their practical implementation.

What you will do

  • Designing and implementing AAA quality quest and narrative content in-engine;
  • Crafting narrative structure, creating and maintaining scripts/scenes for controlling various game elements;
  • Collaborating with your Lead & Narrative colleagues, the Mission & Narrative Directors, Lead Writers, and various Game, Level and Audio Designers to develop innovative quests that flow with the overall game;
  • Working closely with the appropriate teams to validate and secure all elements required for your quests (Exotic Gameplay, AI, Cameras, Audio, Text, Objectives, etc.);
  • Constantly evaluating the accessibility, ease of understanding, and level of difficulty for your designs
  • Participate in brainstorm, discussions and constantly challenge quality
  • Pro-actively seek issues in the game and propose ideas to solve them
  • Help building the Design Team, and mentor Junior members





  • 在引擎中设计和实现AAA质量要求的叙事内容;
  • 制作叙事结构,创建和维护脚本/场景以控制各种游戏元素;
  • 与叙事设计团队、任务和叙事总监、首席编剧以及游戏、关卡和音频设计师合作,开发与整个游戏相关的创新任务;
  • 与团队密切合作,以验证和锁定任务所需的所有元素(包括游戏玩法、AI、摄像机位、音频、文本、目标等);
  • 不断评估设计的可访问性、易理解性和难度。
  • 参与头脑风暴、讨论并不断提升质量。
  • 积极寻求游戏中的问题,并提出解决问题的想法。
  • 帮助组建设计团队,指导初级成员

You have a passion for video games and interactive storytelling. You excel in a collaborative environment where novel ideas are valued, and you've previously demonstrated your resilience working under pressure and meeting key production deadlines.

Besides the above, we're also looking for someone aligned with our core values and the following skills and experience:

  • Proven professional experience with Quest/Narrative Design, ideally from AAA game production (best to have a portfolio to share);
  • Experience with linear & non-linear narrative structures;
  • Understanding of the technical constraints regarding narrative design implementation, on current-gen consoles & PC;
  • Experience with Game Engines (i.e. Snowdrop, Unity or Unreal) and/or scripting language systems




  • 在任务/叙事设计方面有丰富的专业经验,最好是AAA级游戏制作经验(有相关作品尤佳);
  • 具有线性和非线性叙事结构的经验;
  • 了解当前世代主机和PC上叙事设计实现的技术限制;
  • 熟悉游戏引擎(如Snowdrop、Unity或Unreal)和/或脚本语言系统

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