Software Engineer II

Apr 12, 2024
Vancouver, Canada
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... Intermediate
Full time
... Office work

Software Engineer II

Fusion powers EA Studios to create even greater player experiences. We help shape the future from the way games are created, to how they are played and viewed. We are a global team and the largest studio within EA! Creative Technologies is one of several teams within Fusion.

We are venturing into the new domain of Machine Learning Infrastructure (MLOps) to incorporate AI into our game creation tools, and supporting our existing DevOps and Infrastructure needs. We are seeking an software engineer eager to delve deeper and expand their expertise in this arena.

You will report to a lead within the Creative Technologies team.




  • You will work on implementations of systems for the collection, storage, cleaning, and labeling of training data.

  • You will assist model development, with a focus on ensuring security and scalability.

  • You will automate model training processes.

  • You will establish CI/CD pipelines.

  • You will monitor ongoing execution and performance

DevOps & Infrastructure:

  • You will work on integrations for pipeline technologies to interface with cloud compute and storage.

  • You will collaborate with Software Engineers building pipelines, and with external groups providing cloud infrastructure (including EA Security, EA IT / Infrastructure / Digital Platform teams, and cloud infrastructure providers such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft).

  • You will implement optimizations for system performance / cost.


General experience and qualifications:

  • You have experience in the games industry.

  • You are comfortable working in a remote or hybrid environment.

  • You have experience troubleshooting issues with users.

Technical experience and qualifications:

  • 4+ years experience as a software engineer,

  • You have experience in roles such as backend engineer, platform engineer, ML/DevOps engineer, data engineer, or similar.

  • You have solid software engineering skills in handling large datasets and managing high scale concurrency.

  • You have DevOps engineering skills in the management and deployment of solutions at scale on cloud infrastructure.

  • You have proficiency with cloud computing and database technologies.

  • You have experience with containers and orchestration platforms (like Kubernetes) in a cloud environment.

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