Software Quality Engineer

Jul 29, 2023
Shanghai, China
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Full time
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Position: Software Quality Engineer

Location: Shanghai


Reporting to Engineering Manager


We are EA

We make games – how cool is that? In fact, we entertain millions of people across the globe with the most amazing and immersive interactive software in the industry. Our games are played everywhere in the world —in countries as diverse as the USA, Germany, Russia, Brazil, South Korea, Japan, and the China — on any kind of gaming device (PC, web, console, mobile, smart TV's) and support multiple business models (digital downloads, PDLC, F2P, and subscriptions)


QE Software Engineer

We are looking for an experienced QE Software Engineer for Electronic Arts in Shanghai. You will work with our teams to develop quality control tools, test automation, data pipeline and CI/CD systems for products. An important partner of game development teams, Quality Engineering is driving innovation in tools to achieve the highest quality standards. In partnership with software engineers and QA, and using programming and scripting languages, they design, and maintain CI system, automation test tools and process automation tools that help with quality in our products.

我们希望具有一定自动化测试经验的您加入EA在中国的Quality Engineering团队中来。在这个团队中,你将会积极地参与到各种测试工具、自动化测试、数据管道以及CI/CD持续集成等项目中。作为游戏研发部门的一个重要合作伙伴,Quality Engineer通过积极地工具创新与流程改进,采用不同的开发语言,设计、实现并且维护CI系统,自动化测试/流程工具来支持工作室Software Engineer团队和QA团队的日常工作,让喜爱EA游戏的玩家可以享受到高质量的游戏内容。

Role Overview

  • You will Guide quality verification process and technology improvement for Asia development team

  • 通过积极的主导质量验证流程与技术的改进来支持亚太研发团队。

  • You will develop test automation tool and integrate it with CI/CD based on game development work flow

  • 配合工作室的工作流程,实现自动化测试工具,并且与CI/CD集成。

  • Work directly with game development team and QA team to ensure requirements are understood and met.

  • 与游戏研发团队和测试团队紧密合作,明确需求以及其细节。

  • Design highly reliable, scalable, and maintainable tools/services

  • 设计与实现高可靠性、可灵活扩展并且易于维护的工具/服务。

  • Leverage and improve existing tools to add value efficiently

  • 衡量并改进已有工具

  • Support functional/non-functional testing across all development life cycle

  • 在整个游戏研发工程中,支持功能性和非功能性需求。

  • Work with overseas tech team and Quality Engineering team to integrate and develop tools

  • 与海外技术团队或者Quality Engineer团队合作,根据实际需求集成和实现工具。

  • Contribute reusable code, tools, and processes to the company's quality strategy

  • 通过实现可重用代码、工具或者流程来帮助公司一起达到为喜爱EA游戏的玩家提供高质量游戏的战略目标。



  • BS in Computer Science/Engineering or equivalent industry experience

  • 计算机相关专业或者具有相关行业经验

  • 5+ years professional experience as SDET, experience in software development is a big plus

  • 5年测试开发经验,或者具有软件开发经验(加分项)

  • Experienced with CI/CD tools like Jenkins, GitlabCI, Travis.

  • 对CI/CD工具,如Jenkins、GitlabCI、Travis等有一定的经验。

  • Knowledge of test automation or development process improvements

  • 了解自动化测试以及开发流程改进

  • Scripting experience with Python, Shell Scripts, Ruby, etc.

  • 较强的脚本经验如Python, Shell Sript或者Ruby

  • Code competently in one of languages like C++, C#, Javascript, Java or Scala

  • 至少会一门编程语言:C++,C#, Javascript, Java 或scala

  • Familiarity with mobile/online game development and load testing is a plus

  • 熟悉移动端/在线游戏研发,熟悉性能测试(加分)

  • Familiarity with QA process and having a relevant certification/experience is a plus

  • 熟悉测试流程,具有相关的认证或者经验(加分)

  • Experienced Lean/Agile development process

  • 具有在敏捷开发项目的工作经验

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