Sr. Product Owner - Battlefield Central Tech

Nov 30, 2022
Seattle, United States
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... Senior
Full time
... Office work

We are looking for talented people to join our team building core, impactful, and empowering technology for Battlefield! Our Battlefield Technology Team is home to remarkable technical talent building Battlefield tools and technology on EA's proprietary game engine, Frostbite. We strive to empower engineering and content creation with a myriad of tools and workflows, while empowering the multi-studio distributed development team to create innovative and connected experiences for Battlefield fans around the world. Our people are the backbone and driving force to our creative products, and that's why we're dedicated to providing everyone the chance to express themselves and be their very best as we work towards a common cause. Join us!



  • Appropriate knowledge of shooters, business models & competition, with the ability to fluently describe needed functionality and break down described Creative experiences into technical Initiatives, Features, Epics
  • "You and your entire team always know the most important and urgent things to be working on."
  • Collaborate, representing your team's contribution and value to the Franchise through product business planning, from strategic through tactical.
  • Constantly communicate a technical vision, aligned with game team needs, across a broad spectrum of stakeholders such as execs, production counterparts and of course development teams.
  • Drive and contribute in planning activities throughout the cycle of designing, building and running each game and the entire Battlefield Franchise across the entire Game Development Framework.
  • Accurately describe creative and product features in technical terms, constructing roadmaps and breaking them down into deliverables via a groomed backlog
  • Through appropriate scope and capacity management, ensure Central Tech delivers on promises and contributes to great Battlefield games, delivered on time, on budget and on quality.
  • Maintain clear priorities while setting ambitious, yet realistic goals.
  • Provide guidance and instruction towards a clear key result (a single feature) or group of aligned results (multiple features and games).
  • Set delivery goals that prioritize the quality of the work with the overall product in mind
  • Work with QA to quantify and qualify product quality at each milestone and communicate this to entire development team
  • Drive product and development direction using metrics, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and data to make informed decisions.
  • In partnership, manage risk by identifying, assessing and prioritizing specifics to minimize, mitigate or control impacts in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Build teams through recruiting, orientation and onboarding, as well as managing performance and talent through goal and object setting, 1-on-1 conversations, reward and compensation management, leading organizational effectiveness and change to ultimately build high-performing individuals and teams.
  • Highly effective collaboration with project management and technical peers and partners




  • 10+ years experience as a Producer for technical teams working on AAA game(s), through the full cycle of development, or similar experience in enterprise software.
  • Coordinating development of core technologies across multiple teams, for variety of internal customers (e.g. "insourcing" or systems or tools creation).
  • Creating platform(s) for development, coordinating game engine (or enterprise software) requirements with development teams, to create efficient production
  • Roadmapping, planning and execution across multiple simultaneous projects and years, with a fluency and facility in change management.
  • Excellent communication and writing skills, including collaboration with project management and technical peers and leaders (especially on highly technical topics and feature sets)
  • Team leadership through both direct management and also influence to internal and external partners and customers
  • Familiarity with Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Office, Google Suite, and other standards of business.
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