System and Online Operation Specialist _ Technology Group

May 03, 2024
Montréal, Canada
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Full remote

As part of the team that assists development teams in the deployment and operation of support for our product portfolio, the incumbent is responsible for the deployment of different versions of projects/services across multiple environments.
Using existing technologies and new breakthroughs, he/she is also responsible for ensuring the stability, performance and success of project/service deployments, as well as for the design and development of the server and network infrastructures that will host our services.
The incumbent will adopt a DevOps philosophy to automate, operate and maintain our cloud gaming infrastructure.

Our Mandate:

Our team maintains a gitlab runner service used by several major Ubisoft projects such as TG, Anvil editor We offer support on Windows, Linux and Mac platforms, ensuring a seamless experience for our users.
As a key member of our team, your main responsibility will be to design, deploy and maintain our GitLab Runner service on Linux. You will be required to work closely with internal cloud-related teams such as Openstack, Rome and Palatine to ensure that the service runs smoothly.

In this role, you will use a range of cutting-edge technologies, including Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm Chart and Docker, to optimize the efficiency and reliability of our infrastructure. You'll also be responsible for supporting our community of advanced users by answering their questions and providing high-level technical support.

If you're passionate about cloud technologies and want to contribute to large-scale projects, this is the job for you. Join us to take up this stimulating challenge and evolve within a collaborative and innovative team.

  • Proficiency in Linux system administration, particularly in the design, deployment and maintenance of a GitLab Runner service on Linux.
  • Proficiency in using cutting-edge technologies such as Kubernetes, Terraform, Helm Chart and Docker to optimize infrastructure.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively with internal cloud-related teams, such as Openstack, Rome and Palatine, to ensure smooth operation of the service.
  • Experience in supporting and resolving issues for a community of advanced users, providing high-level technical assistance.
  • Knowledge of cloud technologies and passion for contributing to large-scale projects.
  • Communication skills to interact with team members and the advanced user community.
  • Deployment and maintenance of monitoring tools (Grafana, Prometheus, ElasticSearch, etc.).
  • Knowledge of linux scripting.
  • Knowledge of gitlab


Relevant experience :

  • 1 to 5 years' experience in IT or any other field deemed relevant.
  • Experience managing and deploying within a Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Rome environment.
  • Experience with GNU/Linux server administration and networking concepts (NAT, Proxy, TCP/IP, etc.)
  • Experience with configuration management such as Ansible, Chef, etc
  • Experience working with large-scale infrastructure
  • Customer service experience in preventing and resolving technical problems