Technical Designer

Apr 19, 2024
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

What you will do

  • Act as a technical reference for the team in relation to Game Design & Level Design and provide technical support for fast prototyping and integration.
  • Collaborate with Design and Programming teams to implement tools & features in the engine.
  • Proactively identify and define technical solutions for various gameplay and systemic features.
  • Understand, collect and share best practices, pipeline and workflows
  • Document tools and pipeline and ensure that team members have all the necessary tools and information to use them;
  • Design, Implementation and review game content into game engine;
  • Initiate and participate in the knowledge sharing, problem solving, and with other team members within and/ or across projects/ disciplines.


  • 在游戏设计和关卡设计方面为团队提供技术参考,并为快速原型设计和集成提供技术支持。
  • 与设计和编程团队紧密合作,确保工具和功能顺利集成到引擎之中。
  • 积极主动地识别各种游戏和系统功能的技术问题并制定对应的解决方案。
  • 在理解的基础上收集整理最佳实践方案和工作流程并与团队成员分享
  • 对使用的工具和工作流程进行记录,确保团队成员掌握所需的所有工具和信息;
  • 在游戏引擎中设计游戏内容,并在实现后进行复查;
  • 积极主动地与团队分享知识,与其他团队成员跨项目/领域合作解决问题


    What you will bring

    • Provide a balanced blend of Design skills and Technical know-how
    • A curious Designer with an interest in world building and hands-on content implementation.
    • Interested in problem solving, troubleshooting and investigating Tech Issues.
    • Understand how to work with procedural systems and generative tools ; can quickly grasp how they affect the bigger picture.
    • Technical knowledge of game engine, game editor and visual programming (ex. Unreal blueprint)
    • Understand the requirements and constraints of game design, engine and platform;
    • Basic understanding of script languages is a plus;
    • Open to work in English environment
    • A passion for video games as well as significant in-depth knowledge of the field.



    • 兼具设计技能和技术知识
    • 好奇心强,对世界观构建和内容实施感兴趣。
    • 善于解决问题、排除故障和钻研技术问题。
    • 熟练掌握程序系统和生成工具
    • 具备游戏引擎、游戏编辑器和可视化编程(如Unreal blueprint)方面的技术知识
    • 了解游戏设计、游戏引擎和游戏平台的要求和限制;
    • 对脚本语言有基本了解者优先;
    • 能够在英文环境中工作
    • 对电子游戏充满热情,并对该领域有深入的了解。