Technology Director

Apr 14, 2024
Montréal, Canada
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

As Technology Director, you will join Ubisoft IT and more precisely Engineering and Platform with the passion to offer managed service experience that enables engineering and product teams to autonomously develop and deliver to their goals.

In this role, you will oversee the development and timely and on budget delivery of all products in your sector. Furthermore, you will work in close collaboration with the product director to ensure the success of sectoral products and the mobilization.



As the Technology Director, you will:

  • Define and present development strategies for sector products to executives, ensuring that your vision aligns with Ubisoft's overall strategy and objectives.
  • Conduct thorough analysis of the business’ future-state capabilities and current technology landscape to identify critical gaps and opportunities, recommending and implementing solutions for improvement.
  • Lead comprehensive analysis of business and operating models, market trends and the technology industry to determine their potential impact on Ubisoft’s business strategy, direction, and architecture, ensuring a forward-thinking approach.
  • Collaborate with the product director to set out a technology vision and communicate it to all team members promoting overall sectoral strategies, objectives, and information, with a focus on fostering a collaborative and inclusive environment.
  • Partner and collaborate with the Engineering Manager and Technical Leads to align on the product and technical plan, ensuring a cohesive and unified approach to product development.
  • Oversee work team activities, particularly by following up on requests and department mandates, all while challenging the technical teams on their technological decisions, ensuring that innovative ideas are nurtured and considered.
  • Drive technological innovation, assess, and implement emerging technologies, staying at the forefront of industry advancements to keep Ubisoft at the cutting edge.
  • Focus on aligning technology with Ubisoft’s strategy, with deep technical knowledge being important but not the sole focus, ensuring a holistic approach that integrates technology seamlessly into the overall business strategy.
  • Meet all production quality standards, while managing risks and approving contingency plans, prioritizing excellence, and accountability in all deliverables.
  • Negotiate agreements with internal and external suppliers whenever necessary, leveraging strong negotiation skills to ensure Ubisoft's best interests are upheld.


  • Effective leadership skills with exceptional soft and interpersonal skills, including teamwork, facilitation, and negotiation, with an emphasis on building a supportive and collaborative team environment.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical audiences, ensuring clear and inclusive communication channels.
  • Good understanding of strategic and emerging technology trends and their practical application to business models, with a focus on driving innovation and progress.
  • Familiarity with Agile principles, software development, and testing methodologies (Waterfall, Scrum, rapid prototyping, XP, DevOps), promoting adaptive and efficient development processes.
  • Broad oversight of the entire technology infrastructure, including software, hardware, and networking elements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the technological landscape.

Just a heads up: If you require a work permit, your eligibility may depend on your education and years of relevant work experience, as required by the government.

Skills and competencies show up in different forms and can be based on different experiences, that is why we strongly encourage you to apply even though you may not have all the requirements listed above.

At Ubisoft, we embrace diversity in all its forms. We’re committed to fostering an inclusive and respectful work environment for all. We know the importance of providing a pleasant interview experience, therefore if you need any accommodations, please let us know if there is anything we can do to facilitate the interview process.