Tool Support Specialist

Aug 04, 2023
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Senior
Full time
... Office work

As a Tool Support Specialist, you will provide/maintain autotest solution to game editor, first-line tool support and access to production tools to productions throughout the project lifecycle. You will use test plans to cover test and analyze the production tools to ensure their integrity and efficiency.  You will be responsible for implementing and maintaining automation test solution. You care about quality and collaborate well with others.

What you will do

• Be involved in game production on different platforms like PC, Xbox, PS, Switch and Mobile.

• Build and maintain project infrastructure (collaborate with IT)

• Be responsible for availability of internal & external production tools and provide constant technical support to the development teams for these tools (collaborate with multiple tach teams)

• Identify and reproduce bugs in production tools.

• Create test & release plans and introduce new features for production tools.

• Automate production processes and workflows that are repetitive or inefficient.

• Build collaboration with local and cross-geographic tech teams





• 参与PC、Xbox、PS、Switch、移动端等不同平台上的游戏制作。

• 建立和维护项目基础设施(与IT部门合作)

• 负责内部和外部生产工具的可用性,并为这些工具的开发团队提供持续的技术支持(与多个技术团队合作)

• 识别并重现生产工具中的错误。

• 创建测试和发布计划,并为生产工具引入新功能。

• 将重复或效率低下的生产流程和工作流自动化。

• 与本地和其他工作室的技术团队建立合作关系。

• Solid experience in Tech support or programming

• Familiar with software engineering practices and object-oriented programming, and have using experience in at least one object-oriented language (Python, C++, Java, C#)

• Experience in using or maintaining at least one major source control Tool (Perforce, Git, SVN)

• Ability to work independently, also collaborate with local project teams and foreign tech teams well at work

• Good mindset of leadership and constant self-challenge

• Good Chinese & English communication ability, able to communicate well with other studios around the world

• Knowledge of video game development process or work experience in game industry is a big plus

• Good knowledge of IT systems and network is a plus


• 扎实的I技术支持或编程经验。

• 熟悉软件工程开发及面向对象编程,至少有使用一种面向对象编程语言经验(Python、C++、Java、C#)。

• 至少有使用或维护一种主要源码管理工具(Perforce、Git、SVN)的经验。

• 能够胜任独立工作,也能与本地项目团队和国外技术团队进行良好协作。

• 具有良好的领导力,愿意不断挑战自我。

• 良好的中英文沟通能力,能够与世界各地工作室进行流畅沟通。

• 熟悉电子游戏开发流程或有游戏行业工作经验者优先。

• 具有良好的IT系统和网络知识者优先。

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