UI Engineer (UE4)

Feb 22, 2023
Sparks, United States
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Full time
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JOB TITLE: UI Engineer (UE4)

FUNCTION: Engineering

What We Need:

Firaxis Games is seeking a dedicated and encouraged UI programmer to join our award-winning development team. Firaxis is a highly collaborative and iterative environment, therefore we are looking for someone who can communicate easily and effectively with fellow coders, designers and artists.

What You Will Do:
  • Design and implement UI/UX features within an established framework.
  • Design and implement modifications, reorganizations, extensions, and optimizations to existing code base.
  • Work closely with designers and artists to implement their ideas, providing technical, creative, and scheduling feedback.
  • Working collaboratively with the team to ensure that UI meets aesthetic and functional requirements.
  • Actively maintain skill-set and knowledge base by keeping track of the latest innovations from the industry.
Who We Think Will Be A Great Fit:
  • Fluent C++ programming and debugging skills.
  • Self-motivated and passionate about games and great user experience.
  • A good attitude toward UI/UX design.
  • Good team communication skills, able to translate rough ideas into concrete implementations
  • Must be flexible with schedule and design changes.
  • Experience with Unreal Engine 4, UMG, and Blueprints
  • 2+ years proven experience.
  • Experience with current console systems a plus.

 Who We Are 


Founded in 1996, Firaxis Games is a world-renowned game development studio with an unwavering mission to “build games that stand the test of time”. The name Firaxis, a fusion of “fiery” and “axis,” communicates the company’s dynamic development process that results in the creation of ground breaking titles with unparalleled gameplay delivered to gamers around the world. Under the creative direction of industry legend Sid Meier, Firaxis has released dozens of hit games on multiple platforms and is recognized as an industry leader in game development.



Let gameplay drive decision making


Deliver great work for the studio, the team & yourself


Maintain an environment where people are happy


Find opportunities to contribute and collaborate


Put effort where it pays off the most

Firaxis Games is seeking a dedicated and inspired graphics programmer to join its team. The ideal candidate would have experience in real-time graphics fields and several shipped games.  If robust HDR display support, sophisticated screen-space reflections, ambient occlusion, volumetric fog and virtual texturing excite you, please apply now.


Please note that 2K Games and its studios never uses instant messaging apps or personal email accounts to contact prospective employees or conduct interviews and when emailing, only use Firaxis.com, 2K.com and hangar13games.com accounts.


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