XP Gaming Inc.

XP Game Developer Summit Volunteer

Apr 02, 2023
Toronto, Canada
... Not specified
... Junior
... Office work
XP Gaming Inc. is proud to announce we have plenty of volunteer opportunities for the upcoming XP Game Developer Summit. We need enthusiastic, passionate individuals to join our team and make this event a success. As a
volunteer, you will have the chance to learn about event management, network with industry leaders, and gain valuable experience!

Registration: learn about how a B2B event operates. This role is essential to the show running smoothly. Tasks include answering questions, checking badges, registration, etc.

Lead Coordinators: Learn to coordinate a high-scale event by connecting with our panelists and speakers to ensure all logistical elements are being taken care of.

Assistant Coordinator: Will assist with the floor plan management. Including setup, tear down, and running the events of the space assigned to them.
Panel Assistant: sit in on panels and get a headcount, listen to talks, and remind the Speakers of their 15-10-5 minute warnings. Take notes about the talk.
Floaters: Choose this option if you want to help and are open to all the roles above and more!
If you have any questions please contact us directly at info@xpsummit.ca
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