Quantic Dream

Paris, France

Quantic Dream is a French video games developer based in Paris and Montreal, founded by David Cage in 1997. The studio creates AAA video games with unique identities, offering a different narrative viewpoint. Its signature format of Interactive Drama offers stories with multiple narrative threads which adapt in real time to the choices and decisions made by players. The experiences imagined by Quantic Dream reflect the innovative spirit of this company which has always developed its own technological solutions.  

In 2019 Quantic Dream made a big decision about its future, becoming a video games publisher as well as developer. The company is now continuing its development as both a studio and a publisher, not only for its own in-house productions but also for those created by the independent entities it supports.  

In January 2021, another major milestone has been reached with the creation of a new studio, this time based in Montreal.  By expanding Quantic Dream in this way, international talents dedicated to the creation of ground-breaking new universes can be recruited, complementing the existing teams based in Paris.   



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