Intern HR Assistant

Jun 25, 2024
Chengdu, China
... Not specified
... Internship
Full time
... Office work

We are currently looking for an outstanding university student for at least 6 months or above full-time (4 to 5 working days per week) internship position in our Human Resources department. The intern will assist with day to day HR operations, providing clerical and administrative support to HR staff.



    What you will do

    • Assist the new hire onboarding preparation and set up, new hires information collection, the first-day guide update, and Welcome bag management and delivery, and employees offboarding related including materials preparation and process tracking.
    • Assist on some trainee or junior positions recruitment.
    • Assist the employees’ benefits including benefits propaganda, regular data maintenance and foreign employees’ supporting, etc.
    • Support learning and training projects, including: training data tracking and sorting, on-site training logistics arrangement and support, training video sorting and uploading to the system, training questionnaire report sorting, etc.
    • Deal with HR related paperwork ensuring the confidentiality of employee information, including non-salary related certificate, labor contract preparation, employee data maintain, etc.
    • Assist and coordinate HR meetings/events such as HR OKR review meeting, HR offsite meeting, department team building activities, recruitment activities, etc.
    • Optimize and organize HR tool, information and documents to make these easily accessible.
    • Handle employee requests and deliver quality solutions if able, or escalate requests to a more senior team member.
    • Work proactively with other team members.
    • Run HR errands, as needed.


    • 协助新员工入职准备、新员工信息收集、入职日指南更新、入职礼包管理和交付,以及员工离职相关事宜,包括材料准备和流程跟踪。
    • 协助一些实习或初级职位的招聘。
    • 协助员工福利相关工作,包括福利宣传、定期数据维护和外籍员工支持等。
    • 支持学习和培训项目,包括:培训数据跟踪和整理、现场培训后勤安排和支持、培训视频整理和上传到系统、培训问卷报告整理等。
    • 处理与人力资源相关的文书工作,包括不涉及工资的相关证明、劳动合同准备、员工数据维护等。
    • 协助和协调人力资源会议/活动,如HR OKR评估会议、HR外部会议、部门团队建设活动、招聘活动等。
    • 优化和组织人力资源相关工具、信息和文档。
    • 处理员工请求并尽可能提供高质量的解决方案,或将请求上报给更高级的团队成员。
    • 主动与其他团队成员合作。
    • 根据需要执行其他人力资源相关工作。
    • A strong interest in pursuing a career in human resources.
    • Good communication skills. Experience in working with people on different levels.
    • Communicate effectively, orally and in writing, in both English and Chinese
    • Proficient in Microsoft Office programs.
    • Have a high attention to details, organized, self-motivated.


    • 对人力资源职业和工作抱有浓厚兴趣
    • 具有良好的沟通技巧,并具有有与不同级别人员合作的经验。
    • 能熟练使用英文和中文进行口头和书面交流
    • 精通Microsoft Office软件
    • 高度关注细节,有组织性并能自我激励

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