Lead Narrative Designer

Mar 12, 2024
Shanghai, China
... Not specified
... Intermediate
Full time
... Office work

About the Role  

As a Lead Narrative Designer, you will guide a talented team of narrative designers and writers to craft a rich, captivating, and meaningful game world that fully immerses our players. As a leader and mentor, you possess the talent and expertise to motivate, inspire, and support your team in delivering narrative content in line with our creative vision and of AAA quality. 




What you will do  


  • Manage a team of writers and narrative designers, ensuring the quality of the script and final edits of scenes and cinematics.  

  • Coordinate with the Game and Creative Director to align on narrative goals  

  • Collaborate with other departments on narrative and art content creation 

  • Lead casting and voice recording sessions.  

  • Ensure the overall coherence of the storyline/scripted events throughout the game.  

  • Contribute to the writing process and integrate narrative scenes and cinematics into gameplay.  

  • Provide guidelines regarding the development of specific narrative/scripted event features and assets.  

  • Participate in recruitment to build your scriptwriting team and foster their growth, training and coaching new narrative team members.  


  • 管理编剧和叙事设计师团队,确保游戏剧本和场景、过场动画的最终叙事质量。  

  • 与游戏内容与创意总监沟通合作,在叙事目标上达成一致。  

  • 与其他部门合作,共同创建叙事和艺术内容。  

  • 主导选角和配音录制。  

  • 确保整个游戏中故事情节/脚本事件的整体连贯性。  

  • 参与制定写作流程,将叙事场景和过场动画融入到游戏中。  

  • 提供关于特定叙事/脚本事件、功能和资产开发的指导方针。  

  • 参与招聘,建立并培养脚本团队,叙事团队的新成员。 

Must Have  

  • Proven experience in the games industry, working in a narrative or design capacity 

  • Extensive understanding of the narrative design process, including storytelling narratology and dramaturgy, environmental storytelling, character creation, and writing 

  • Strong verbal and written communication skills in English 

  • Positive attitude, strong work ethic, and the ability to work in a highly collaborative team environment 

  • Solid knowledge of the game production pipeline 

  • Ability to learn and master new tools and techniques 


Nice to Have  

  • Experience with Ubisoft's proprietary narrative tools (like Oasis Next).  

  • Fluency in both Mandarin and English.  


  • 拥有丰富的游戏项目创意叙事经验  

  • 全面了解叙事设计流程,包括叙事、剧本、环境叙事、角色创造和写作  

  • 具备良好的口头和书面英文能力  

  • 积极的态度、强烈的职业道德和能够在高度协作的团队环境中工作的能力  

  • 深谙游戏制作管线  

  • 具有学习和掌握新工具和技术的能力 



  • 有使用育碧自有叙事工具(如Oasis Next)的经验  

  • 中英文流利 


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