Software Engineer

Jun 19, 2024
Melbourne, Australia
... Not specified
... Intermediate
Full time
... Office work

Software Engineer – Frostbite

Frostbite is EA's proprietary game engine that comes equipped with tons of tools and technologies designed to build incredible games. Our in-house engine offers the unique ability to adapt to each game while working hand-in-hand to prioritize what to build. Our goal is to empower creators all over the world to bring their best ideas to life by creating an engine that amplifies innovation across every discipline.

Our mission is to develop and maintain the cross-platform rendering hardware abstraction layer on lower power devices. We have a specialised rendering team that collaborates with other rendering teams across the globe to solve performance and feature issues for our game team partners.

You will be part of our experienced rendering team. You will report to an Engineering Manager and work in a hybrid capacity, local to the Melbourne office. Our hybrid employees will enjoy the flexibility to work from home up to 4 days a week.


  • You will develop and maintain C++ rendering back ends for Vulkan, Metal and other proprietary APIs.
  • You will implement and support the compilation and runtime use of HLSL (shader language) on multiple platforms.
  • You will investigate, solve or work around differences in device performance, behaviour and output.
  • You will define, design and implement low level performance profiling and optimisation initiatives on multiple platforms.
  • You will collaborate across team and discipline boundaries, providing suggestions and contributions outside the immediate team.


  • Strong C++ knowledge with at least 2 years of professional programming experience in real-time rendering.
  • Experience working with software version control (e.g. Perforce or Git).
  • Experience working in rendering on recent platforms (e.g. Switch, Android, iOS, Mac, PC, PS5, or XBSX).
  • Knowledge of modern CPU/GPU hardware architecture.
  • Experience using a low-level graphics API (e.g. DX12, Vulkan, Metal, or proprietary).
  • Experience with Graphics Debugging Tools (e.g. Pix, Renderdoc, Xcode, or proprietary).
  • Experience with memory management and multi-threading with related debugging and optimization experience.


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