Technical Artist Intern

Mar 02, 2024
Shanghai, China
... Not specified
... Internship
Full time
... Office work

Role Introduction

In this internship, you will learn international AAA game’s production process, pipeline, tech requirements, try cut-edge engine such as new generation of Frostbite engine, procedural tool Houdini, rendering tech in machine learning and raytracing era, AI tools.


Scope of Responsibility / Ownership

  •         You will support our project setup with us. Troubleshoot problems often experienced by Content Artist.
  •         You will develop and deliver one tool or two features with us, may involve one or several fields such as: Code scripting, shade material, Houdini process, AI tech.
  •         You will maintain documents outlining art production needs with us, including in-game integration, 3rd party/in-house tools, and art asset critiques.


Skills Required

  •       Basic knowledge of Art software packages (DCC) – Maya, Substance, ZBrush...
  •       Basic knowledge of coding methodologies and one scripting/coding language (i.e., Python, C#, or JavaScript)
  •       Basic knowledge of one game crafting field: rendering, lighting, animation....
  •       Basic English level.


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