Game8 Inc

Tokyo, Japan
We operate one of Japan’s top game guide and walkthrough sites, visited by more than 20 million people. Our mission: Set the standard for what a gamer expects in a walk-through. Our services: In the ever-expanding game market, GAME8 has grown by solving user issues related to play. In such a fast-changing industry, we strongly hope to be a game changer that leads the industry. Compared to when Game8 was founded with only writers, the backgrounds of our staff are now rapidly diversifying. Diversity is important for strengthening an organization, but at the same time, it is also necessary to select only good cultures and share values that should be shared. have been transformed. We want to help build a future where more people play games, and gamer can enjoy with even more ease. Won't you join us and help create a world where gamers everywhere can feel a higher sense of enjoyment together?


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